Monday, September 3, 2012

Aussie Curves | Don't I know you from somewhere?

This week's challenge...celebrity copy cat!
Choosing a "celebrity" was very difficult, especially when 99% of celebrities are tall and thin...the complete opposite to my build. Instead, I've chosen a tv that many Australian women would like to imitate...Nina Proudman from The Offspring.
Let's break down Nina's's casual, layered, feminine, earthy and a little bohemian. She almost always wears a long scarf looped tightly around her neck, long necklaces and small detailed earrings. Her blonde hair swept back into a practical, yet messy french knot.  Her style is very wearable, and enviable. Woman Australia-wide have been swept up in Nina fashion fever...and with good reason.  Here's my take...
Although Nina wears a lot of earth tones, they just don't work for me. I gave a little nod to her love of tan leather, with a stretchy tan belt.  My outfit includes a mix of styles...the bohemian gold studded detail, plays well against the vintage inspired cardigan.  A fine gold chain with a blue stone hangs around my neck, as does a long, looped scarf.  All very Nina.
Messy knot at the base of my neck...check; detailed dangly earrings...check; quirky accessories...check...
A soft tunic emulates the feminine flowiness of Nina's style.  Nina's fashion choices usually includes printed fabrics, and I just love the peacock print here.
Grandpa shoes are a practical choice for the woman on the go, and the royal blue brings out the blue from the peacock feather print. I don't often wear dangly earrings these days...I think I might need to add some more to my collection...these ones are so lovely!
I had fun copying Nina's style, and it's very wearable. I think I'll be adding some more Nina inspired pieces to my wardrobe...
...perhaps her tan knee high boots! I'm seriously coveting those!!  So, how did I do?
What I wore...
Tunic | Autograph
Cardigan | City Chic
Leggings | Autograph
Scarf | Autograph
Pendant & Earrings | Colette
Ring | Lovisa
Shoes | Emerson for BigW

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