Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I know | The thirty things challenge...

Dorothy from Singular Insanity has set the focus on the positives, and to document thirty positive qualities about yourself. Often we are so focused on the negatives, we forget to celebrate the positives.  Being positive, recognising the things like about yourself, and then putting them in print, in no way makes you conceited.  Join us! What do you like about you?

So here's what I like about no particular order...
  1. I am creative
  2. I am cuddly...I didn't get the childhood nickname "cuddlebum" for nothing!
  3. I make the best creamy chicken lasagne this side of Italy (that's a big call, but it is really tasty)
  4. I have a nice smile
  5. I am a good mumma
  6. I am good at coordinating colours, patterns and accessories, both in fashion and scrapbooking
  7. I'm really good at taking selfies (lol)
  8. I pick things up really quickly
  9. I am a really fast typist...I taught myself how to touch type out of necessity
  10. I am a good listener
  11. I am quick witted
  12. I always make the best of my appearance
  13. I am a good driver...confident on the freeways and considerate of other drivers (a trait many many people need to learn and embrace)
  14. I am inquisitive and love to learn new things
  15. I love creating blog headers for this one, and this one
  16. I am very proud of my tattoo, and haven't regretted getting it for one single second
  17. I am a good friend
  18. I am able to retain useless facts, therefore making me an excellent person to have on your trivia team (my knowledge of celebrities is scarily amazing)
  19. I have ambition and know that I want more from life...I won't settle for less
  20. I can be assertive when I need to be
  21. I am able to sew on buttons and take up hems by hand (hey, hand sewing is a dying art and well worth celebrating)
  22. I have a good eye for detail and can tell when something is straight without the use of a level (not a very cool superhero power, but helpful nonetheless)
  23. I am not afraid to try new things
  24. I can pretty much talk to anyone about anything
  25. I am really good at making character cakes
  26. I will push myself to do something, even when my tummy is doing backflips and saying no
  27. I am a very loving and giving person
  28. I am friendly and approachable
  29. I have a fun sense of humour and a really good belly laugh
  30. I am me...what more could you ask for?
Thirty. Done.  How's your list going?

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