Thursday, August 16, 2012

Katy's modern baby shower

After all of the planning for a baby shower for Katy (my sister-in-law), the big day had finally rolled around.  The venue was decorated, yummy foods created, and music ready to play...warning...this is a photo heavy post.

The baby shower invitations set the tone for the party, and I wanted to get something fresh and fun, to match the personality of mum-to-be Katy!  These ones were designed by Michelle of Tipsy Graphics. Using an online designer was such a breeze! Just email through the details, and a high quality image was returned, ready for printing. Each invite was sent in a bright yellow envelope, with cute baby themed stamps from Australia Post.
At the top of the driveway, guests were greeted with this sign, also from Tipsy Graphics. Michelle was really great to work with...designing a sign to match the invitations and the rest of the baby shower stationery.
The sign was print on A3 paper, and inserted into an Odby frame from Ikea. The artist's easel belongs to my mother-in-law, and was perfect to display the sign. Tip: repurpose things from around your need to buy especially for your party!
I created backdrop for the party table by sewing together two pieces of fabric 1.20cm wide x 3m long. It took all of 10 minutes to make, but definitely gave the party table major impact!  We then layered Martha Stewart pom poms in varying shades of pink, and a glittery "congratulations" garland across the front.
The mum-to-be, gently cuddling her tummy...I can't wait to meet my niece! If you hadn't guessed already, Katy is having a little girl.
Only seven weeks to go...and positively glowing!
Vannessa from Vannessa's Cakes baked and decorated a beautiful cake for the party, filled with a delicious caramel mud on the bottom tier, and an equally delicious carrot cake on the top. The design is a conglomeration of a few cakes I've spied online, and is based on the colours of the invitations.
Dangling her feet over the side of the cake is a fondant version of Katy...long brown hair, maxi dress and looking relaxed. The little flowers in her hair represent Far North Queensland, where Katy currently lives.
Katy's nanna passed away earlier this year, however she knew Katy was having a baby before she went. To include her in the day, I used lots of nanna's crystal bowls for the lolly table.  We have a couple of pots of nan and pop's orchids at home, and they haven't flowered for a long time...except for this week when it bloomed! I just knew it was nanna saying hello,
- the menu -
spinach banitsa (family dish from Bulgaria)
thai chicken balls
vol au vents
ribbon sandwiches
party pies and sausage rolls
cocktail frankfurts
mini quiches
assorted lollies
vanilla cupcakes
gingernut cheesecakes
fairy bread sushi
mars bar slice

Spinach dip is a family favourite, and thanks to pinterest, I found this recipe which suggested serving the dip in individual baguettes with carrot and celery sticks. Talk about a winner! The spinach dip was delicious, and they looked so pretty on the plate.
The night before the baby shower, I decided to personalise wooden spoons and forks with baby you do. lol. They looked super cute though.
To quench our thirst, we sipped on sparkling fruit punch, served in pretty cut glass... well as assorted fruit and herbal infusion teas and Nespresso coffee.  Each saucer was lined with a pretty paper doily and was accompanied by a hand-stamped wooden tea spoon.
We played games (name that celebrity baby mumma, the price is right, draw a baby), prizes were given out, presents were opened, and before long it was time to cut the cake.
As a parting gift, each of the guests was given a little bottle of pink nail polish (their choice of shade)... another say thank you for coming.
Katy's baby shower was so explosion of pink and love for my soon-to-meet niece.

Here's the details...
photography | Beth Tahiri Photography
invitations, sign, food tents | Michelle at Tipsy Graphics
frame | Ikea
fabric | Spotlight
cake | Vannessa's Cakes (Albion Park, NSW)
decorations | Pink Frosting
straws, baking cups | Confetti & Cake
wooden forks and spoons | Packaging Direct
other bits and bobs sourced locally

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