Friday, August 10, 2012

If Australia had a scent, what would it be? (and a giveaway)

The smell of eucalyptus is distinctly Australian. Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil was first produced in 1852, and is considered one of the oldest and most iconic Australian brands on the market...160 years and still going strong!  I love the smell of eucalyptus. It's fresh. It's home.

I was recently sent a big box of Bosisto's goodness to try out, and it couldn't have been more timely. With the flu bug running through the Warren house faster than Usain Bolt, we've needed to disinfect, clean, and find much needed relief from major sinus congestion.  Bosisto's have a huge range of eucalyptus products that are incredibly's a few of the products we've tested...

  • Bostisto's Eucalyptus Spray | This spray is a gem!  It's freshened up the laundry after the dog has slept in there, been applied as an antiseptic on nasty bites, and worked overtime to deodorise smelly footy boots.
  • Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution | We tried this one in the smallest room in the house...two capfuls poured into the toilet easily removed germs, cleaned, and deodorised.  We added the solution to the water we mop our timber floors with, and they came up beautifully!
  • Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhaler and Inhalent | As I mentioned, we've all been sick here, particular the man of the house. The inhaler provided Andrew with a huge amount of relief from his block sinuses.  I love that it's portable, compact and easy to use. This one uses hot water, so best to supervise your children while using.
Everything that we've tried has been excellent...from eucalyptus drops for sore throats, to eucalyptus oil to remove stick marks...its all good.

Bosisto's Eucalyptus may be celebrating their 160th anniversary...but the gifts are for you!  I have two great packs of Bosisto's Eucalyptus products to giveaway to two lucky Life as we know it readers!!

First prize
Bosisto's Eucalyptus pack valued at $160

Second prize
Bosisto's Eucalyptus pack valued at $60

Congratulations Bosisto's Eucalyptus on 160 impressive years! Here's to many more.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary product for review purposes. No financial payment was offered, nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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