Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can the Organised Housewife tame the disorganised?

The Organised HousewifeThis is the question I'm currently asking myself.

The Warren household runs on chaos and pure adrenalin.  There's the running around frantically. There's the lost things and the loads of time spent trying to find lost things. There's the yelling. The multiple trips back inside to get things after we've all piled back into the car. The items we've forgotten to buy at the grocery store. You name it...

Please tell me this sounds familiar to someone else out there?  Anyone...

So, in an attempt to bring more peace and harmony to our humble abode, the Warren family are joining in the with Organised Housewife's 20 days to organise and clean your home. Hubby is on board. The kids are unaware, but that's nothing new. They'll be joining in whether they like it or not. We all need to learn organisational skills. Starting with the basics.

  1. I've set up our challenge folder, with it's pretty cover sheet and labelled tab dividers.
  2. We've assembled our cleaning kit. Hubby even bought different coloured spray bottles so that we could easily distinguish between cleaning liquids...oh, and the dymo label on each helps.
  3. Time to create a morning routine. What on earth is that?
Let me fill you in on our current morning "routine" (and I use the term very loosely)...

6:00am | Hubby's alarm sounds, followed by the slapping of the sleeper button...every 9 minutes
6:15am | My alarm sounds. I fumble for the sleep button on my iPhone...roll over, go back to sleep.
6:25am | My alarm sounds again...back to sleep.
6:35am | My alarm sounds for a third time...back to sleep...I am not a morning person.
6:45am | My alarm sounds for a fourth time...perhaps I should get up...nah, I'll check my emails and facebook first.
6:50am | CRAP! We're running late! Time for a shower. Hubby gets up and gathers the school clothes for the day.
7:00am | Hubby tries to wake up kids, then heads for a shower.
7:10am | I wander through the house dripping wet in my towel, grabbing clean undies and a shirt for myself out of the laundry, stopping off at the kids rooms to get them out of bed and dressed. There may or not be a combination of tantrums / yelling / bargaining / pleading.
7:20am | Hubby is now showered and mostly dressed, and starts to prepare breakfast and lunches
7:30am | I brush the knots out of my wet hair while watching the news. Eme comes in and I start to brush her hair, then send her off in search of a hair band or two...she may or may not come back.
7:40am | The kids brush their teeth in their bathroom, while I blow dry my hair, do my makeup, teeth etc.  Hubby squeezes in some breakfast and throws on some shoes.
7:45am | I rush out the door. Hubby runs after me as I reverse down the driveway to throw my lunch through the open window before I drive away and forget it.
7:50am | Poor hubby spends a couple of minutes brushing his teeth before yelling for the kids to hurry up and get in the car.
7:55am | Last minute rushing around the house looking for school hats, library books, drink bottles etc.
8:00am | Hubby drives the kids to school.
8:10am | Hubby battles with traffic on the freeway before getting to work, right on time.

As you can see, there's probably room for a little improvement. OK...A LOT! I'm surprised my poor hubby hasn't got an ulcer yet. Craziness.  Not every day is like this. Sometimes it's worse. No one can survive like this long term.

You will also note there is no mention of making beds, wiping down bathroom counters, putting on a load of washing, or doing the dishes...because it doesn't happen.

Over the next couple of days, hubby and I will be discussing the things that we can do to make our life easier, and formulating a morning routine that works for us.

In the meantime, I will need the Organised Housewife to hold my hand and tell me what to do.

Are you joining in the 20 days to organise and clean your home challenge? What areas of your home life do you want to improve?

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