Monday, August 27, 2012

Aussie Curves | I see red...

This week's challenge...the colour red! Life is too short to wear top to toe black, and red is a great accessory colour.  I'm lucky that I can wear loads of shades of red...from the yellow-based reds, through to deep burgundy and blue-based reds....the benefits of fair skin. I don't have a lot of red in my wardrobe, though it features heavily in my accessory collection...
The instant I saw this chevron print maxi dress at Autograph, I knew I had to make it mine.  The fabric is so soft and easy to wear. To mix it up a little, I've added a red stretch belt under my bust to add a pop of colour. Red ballet flats make this outfit very wearable during the day.  Swapping them out for a pair of boots or heels, would take this outfit from day to night.
I like to wear my belts under my bust...a) because it's the smallest part of my torso, and b) wearing it around my waist just accents my very ample bum and hips ( big no-go). A simple black cardigan worn over the top balances out my frame.
A cluster of red bangles and a cocktail ring echo the red belt. I have a huge collection of costume jewellery, and this is just a small sampling of my red rings and bracelets. I wish I could wear them all, but sometimes you need to show restraint. I've picked three in different widths and textures to add some interest.
A swipe of red lipstick across my lips in the same shade as the belt, adds a little more drama to my face and overall look. Red lipstick is not for the faint hearted...and be sure to check your teeth before you walk out the door. lol
Next time you're heading out...consider wearing some colourful accessories to change up your look!  You should always have a little fun with your wardrobe.
Here's why I'm giggling in the photos scruffy mutt Marley. He kept wanting to sit with me while Andrew snapped some photos. He just wanted in on the action too! I should have tied a red bandanna around his neck so he'd fit in. lol.
What I wore...
dress | Autograph
belt | Autograph
cardigan | Autograph (past season)
ballet flats | BigW (past season)
accessories | Colette and Lovisa

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