Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part two...planning a baby shower

Welcome to part two of planning a baby shower the mum-to-be will love!

In the previous post, we did all the ground work:

  • we've consulted with the mum-to-be
  • picked out a theme
  • gathered inspiration
  • found a location, and
  • sent out the invitations.

Now it's onto the really fun stuff...planning all the little details that will make the baby shower fun, festive and memorable. The theme that you've chosen should be carried through all of the details, to make your baby shower feel cohesive.

Let's decorate...
There are plenty of ready-made party decorations available on the market. Head to your local party supplier or check out online party stores for all your needs.  If you're feeling crafty and wanting something a little more unique, you could make them yourself to match your theme.  Your decorations could be as simple and inexpensive as tissue paper pom poms, bunting or a banner, bunches of balloons, or a posy of flowers.  Colour can be easily added to your party through table cloths, napkins, platters and more. Colour coordinate your party foods to go with your theme too! If you're having fairy bread, stick to one colour sprinkle such as pink or blue; colour your cupcake icing to match, or pop in a cupcake topper. Here's a few examples...
baby blue blocks or girlie garden party
rock star chic or by the book?
Every party needs a cake...
Everybody loves cake. It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80...the cake is the centerpiece of every party, and probably the most photographed aspect of the event...aside from the guest of honour of course.  The design of the cake is just as important as the flavour.  Indulge the mum-to-be, and have the cake made in her favourite flavour, then decorate it to suit your theme. Bake it at home, or hire a cake maker to create one for you...but bear in mind, purchasing a decorated cake can be expensive, so make sure you factor that into your party budget.  The only limit is your imagination!
Cakes by Jessicakes; The Well Dressed Cake;
Cake Fixation; Pink Cake Box
What to feed the guests...
The food and beverages you serve at your baby shower will depend on the location, the time of day, and the season.  Most baby showers are held as a morning or afternoon tea, making finger foods the perfect thing to nibble on.  Ensure you have a good balance of sweet and savoury morsels.  Four-six different options of each would be appropriate, and don't forget a vegetarian option or two.  Once again, utilise pinterest to collect recipes as you research ideas for your event.  Seek help from family and friends to help bake and cook...they will be honoured to help out!  Most recipes can be made ahead, saving you time on the day of the baby shower.

Having fun at a baby shower can be thirsty work. Mix up a big bowl of delicious fruit punch, make use of your coffee maker, and purchase some fruity teas for your guests.  Pitchers of cool water are always appreciated. The big question... will you be making alcohol available to your guests? Decide whether or not your baby shower will be a "dry" event.

Get your game on...
There are pages and pages of websites that cater for baby shower games, such as Baby Shower 101. Games are fun, and they give your guests something to do during the party. They can be corny and cliche, but they definitely get the party started.  Three to four games is plenty for a two hour baby shower.

An alternative to the traditional games is to get a little crafty...have your guests make headbands and hair clips for the baby, or perhaps hand paint baby clothes.  Advice cards to the mum-to-be are a really nice keepsake that can be filled out by the guests at the party, and included in a baby album afterwards.

Don't forget to take photos...
Do you have a friend that is handy with a camera? Invite them along to take photos for the mum-to-be of her special day. As the hostess, chances are you won't have time to capture those memories.  A photographer can capture all of the little memorable details, the guests, the gifts, the fun and frivolity, that you have spent so much time planning for.  The mum-to-be will love looking back on the baby shower, and a photo album would make a lovely gift.  Take it one step further and set up a fun photo booth with props! Your guests will have so much fun playing!!

It's polite to say thank you...
As your guests leave, it's a nice gesture to give your guests a thank you gift. This doesn't need to be expensive...cartons of popcorn with "ready to pop" on the tag; individually packaged home made biscuits; or perhaps a bar of chocolate wrapped in a thank you message. A small gesture to say thank you, you're presence at the baby shower and your gifts are truly appreciated.

So, that's the party organised...but what about the guests? Stay tuned for baby shower gift ideas.

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