Friday, July 27, 2012

How much money do you waste each year?

This is a question that I ask myself often...particularly when it gets to the end of the pay cycle. Where has all of our money gone? How can we afford to pay the next bill? Will we ever be able to save for a family holiday? Does this sound familiar?

We don't budget...much to our detriment, and my parents' horror.  We are not suffering, nor are we getting ahead. It makes me wonder how much money we waste each year. I know we can do things can everyone.  As a society, we rely on home loans, car loans, personal loans, interest free, credit name it...all so that we can spend money on things we may not necessarily need. Perhaps a less expensive option would be better?

When we were purchasing Eme's first bed, we shopped around. We found a gorgeous antique looking bed at one store for $600.  We then found an almost identical bed from another retailer for only $180!  Needless to say, we saved our money and bought the cheaper option. In this instance, we paid cash. For other major purchases for the home, we've relied on some form of credit.

The Umi Facts Lab Team recently conducted an experiment to see how often we mindlessly waste money, by comparing apples with apples...literally. The results were frightening! People are so easily convinced to spend more than they should...on the exact same item!
To find out why he's holding a man upside down by his legs, you will have to click here to watch the results of the experiment! lol. 

The moral of the story here:  "more expensive" is not always better. It pays to shop around...whether it be for your purchases, or for credit too.

btw - Eme's bed is still standing, and was an excellent purchase at the price.

Disclaimer: This is a Rocketfuel sponsored post.

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