Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halfway...and starting to see the results

Just before I typed up this post, I polished off half a hamburger and some chips from the Lord of the Fries, and I'm onto my second glass of I feel like this post is a massive contradiction.  I'm spending the night in Melbourne, and heading off to a Bloggers Brunch tomorrow, so I've given myself the night sue me. I'm only human.

Let me tell you how I've been going.  Food, ok. Exercise, non-existent. Hopefully now that the kids are back at school, things can get back to normal around here.  It has been crazy busy...and even though I haven't done any traditional exercise, I have been participating in lots of physical activity, such as sanding my sister's new house twice over, and packing up and cleaning out hubby's grandparents house for sale. I am exhausted. Despite the obstacles, I have lost weight, which I'm ecstatic about. Gone is another 1.1kg, bringing the total to 9.4kg.

This week I was able to meet one of my mini goals...I was finally able to remove the extender from my bra! Now I'm a straight 18F...although the cup size is getting a little big.  I was also able to buy a medium shirt at BeMe, where I'm normally an XL. Happy days.

I was also hoping to report on another mini goal success...being able to do up the seatbelt on an aeroplane instead of having to use an extender belt.  No such luck.  The last time I flew in a plane, I was 15kg heavier, and could nearly do up the seatbelt. Mind you, that was on a QANTAS flight. Today I flew Tiger Airways, and their seats and seatbelts are so much smaller! There was at least a 1ft gap between the connectors...very disappointing. Next time, I'm flying QANTAS. lol.

Given that the 12wbt is onto the second half, I really need to lift my game. I'm really happy with 9.4kg gone so far. I would be thrilled to have lost 20kg by the end. I know I can do it.

How is everyone else going on their respective healthy living programs? How do you stay motivated and accountable?

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