Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Happy Days" in May

Last month, Naomi from Seven Cherubs challenged her readers to write down a sentence every day for the month of May; to try and find every day happiness and gratitude. When you're feeling a little down, focusing on the small things that make you happy, puts things into focus for you.  Here's my little snapshot of my sources of happiness during May...

  1. Driving along by myself through the countryside, listening to my favourite tunes and singing at the top of my lungs.
  2. Having a chat with the footy mums during training...getting to know each other more  and starting to fit in.
  3. Wearing pretty costume jewellery to work to brighten up an otherwise dull outfit.
  4. Finding over 100 self portraits taken by Eme while she's been playing with my phone...and she's smiling in every single one!
  5. Celebrating 11 years married to my bff Andrew...dinner at Il Porcellino, just the two of us.
  6. Hanging our beautiful new mirror on the wall and enjoying the way the light from our lamp bounces around the room.
  7. Nanna's chicken soup, made by my mother in law and home delivered to help me feel better.
  8. The freedom to spend all day in bed when you're not feeling 100%.
  9. Finding a fab doctor at the local medical centre who cared how I felt and took great care of me.
  10. A steaming hot shower to warm my back and clear the sinuses.
  11. Lying in bed with my sick boy, chatting, cuddling and watching day time tele together.
  12. Seth's footy team winning 52-0! I'm so happy he's enjoying playing with his new club.
  13. Being spoiled on Mother's Day with perfect poached eggs for brekky, gifts from the kids courtesy of the Mother's Day stall, and a special dinner and cake baked by hubby.
  14. Seeing my kids off to school dressed in their winter uniforms...so cute in their little ties!
  15. Heading back to work after a whole week off sick! So good to have adult company during the day.
  16. So proud of Eme moving up to Level 24 in reading! She loves reading non-fiction books just like her big brother. Today's choices...Pollution and Investigating Invertebrates.
  17. Freshly baked and toasted banana bread with melted butter...so delicious.
  18. Attending the Bisolovon Bloggers Lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant in The Rocks...perfect weather, perfect company, perfect food...and trains that ran on time.
  19. Celebrating my cousin's son's christening and first birthday with my family, Aunties and Uncles, cousins and friends that we haven't seen for a while.
  20. Seth was absolutely thrilled with the Ninjago cake I made for him! Andrew made his tasty hamburgers for the family to celebrate...and of course, Seth's excitement for his pressies.
  21. Seth turns 9!! My baby isn't such a baby anymore. He opened his presents from us first thing in the morning, and then spent the afternoon and evening building his new Ninjago set.
  22. Spending a little time with paper and glue...it's been so long since I've scrapbooked!
  23. The little moment of joy when you find some chocolate hidden in your handbag...just in time for an afternoon treat.
  24. Singing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey with the kids and dancing around the loungeroom.
  25. Enjoying a little retail therapy at Rubi Shoes and purchasing a pair of mustard yellow shoes that I wish I could wear every single day.
  26. Visiting my sister's new house, then enjoying high tea at The Audley Room...just the two of us...chatting, making plans for her new home and having a laugh.
  27. A pyjama day with the kids, sipping on hot chocolates and watching too many hours of The Simpsons...too funny!
  28. So many lovely messages from family, friends and strangers in response to this post. So overwhelming to know how many people care about you. Thank you for calling me beautiful.
  29. Seeing my daughter so happy to go to ballet...she looks so beautiful in her leotard and wrap skirt.  Also, a surprise package of goodies from Donna Hay!
  30. Committing to my decision to join Mish's team for this round of 12WBT! Purchasing an elliptical trainer so that I can work out at home whenever I want. So looking forward to this journey!
  31. Enjoying my last chicken burrito from Zambrero for a while and savouring every last bite.

Phew...what a list! As you can see, these aren't earth shattering moments, but the every day things that brought happiness into my life over the month of May. Thanks Naomi for making me open my eyes.

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