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The Block 2012 | Courtyards and front facades...

In just eight short weeks, the couples on The Block have transformed every square inch inside each of the homes...just incredible! Week after week, they have delivered beautiful and inspiring spaces, that I'm sure the new owners will just love. Now that the inside is complete, it's time to turn the attention to the exteriors...the front facades and rear courtyards. Here goes...

Cast your mind dilapidated did those terrace homes look?  There was no cohesiveness at all...tiny windows, overgrown general, they really needed a LOT of love.  Check them out now!!  Brand new facades. Beautiful french doors have replaced those tiny windows, and a balcony has been added to increase the usable space. The neutral colour scheme gives these homes a sophisticated look, while the colourful front doors are welcoming and fun!

Dani and Dan's courtyard
For a small space, this courtyard packs a punch! The tall bamboo instantly fills this space with greenery that softens the fence line and adds a nice contrast to the hard timber decking.  The timber bench seat provides a casual space to gather, or to laze upon the colourful cushions.  I can imagine chilling out in that space, and warming myself by the brazier.

Peering out from the living room, there is a large eight seater table and large bbq...the essentials for an entertainers space.  Dan and Dani have selected outdoor furniture that is stylish, comfortable and appropriate in size for this compact courtyard.

They haven't ignored the side path either. Bamboo lines the fence and simple pavers allow easy access to the front of the block.  In Week 8, Dani and Dan revealed a low line kitchen window, and now they reveal the view! It would be lovely to cook overlooking the beautiful greenery of the bamboo.

Mike and Andrew's courtyard
More mediterranean courtyard, than traditional backyard, the brothers have delivered an outdoor area that is incredibly spacious and relaxing. I love that they have used beautiful natural flagstones instead of timber decking like the rest of the couples.  The raised daybed at the rear of the courtyard looks incredibly inviting, and together with the palm trees, makes this space look like a holiday resort.

The view back to the house is equally beautiful...simple and uncluttered.  It was the boys intention that it appear that the galley kitchen extends into the courtyard, and I think they've achieved that with the built in barbeque. Imagine how free-flowing this space is with the bi-fold doors opened wide and easy access gained from inside to out.

Another set of bi-fold doors opens to this small decked area with bench seat...the perfect little break out area from the eat in kitchen.  My only criticism of this space is that there's no table to eat at or a chair to lounge in. A daybed is for lying down, and if you're entertaining, you really need somewhere to sit. Overall though, this is a beautiful space.

Brad and Lara's courtyard
Once again, having the largest house of The Block has it's advantages...this courtyard has it all. A big comfy chair to relax in, barbeque table, and an edible garden.  A simple trellis with hanging pots houses herbs and chilis, just perfect for adding to a pizza before throwing it into the pizza oven.  Fun red chairs add a pop of colour and break up all of the timber work.
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Now this is a tong master's heaven!  With a built in barbeque, pizza oven and ample bench space, there'd be no need to cook inside at all during the warmer months!  Not only that, hidden underneath the bench there is an esky that pulls out easily!

A water feature, olive trees and an outdoor lounge area completes this multi-functional space.  Out of all of the courtyards delivered, once again Brad and Lara's space is my favourite. Their style really speaks to me, and I'm sure it speaks to many other people too.

Sophie and Dale's courtyard
This week's winner!  Sophie and Dale once again created a fun and functional space that's true to their style. A small deck off the living space offers an intimate entertaining space, with natural timber trunks, colourful cushions, barbeque and bar...and let's not forget the whimsical metal rooster and goat that liven up the space.

A large timber table with bench seats fills the grassed area of the backyard, making it a great space to entertain.  Grass may seem an odd choice for such a small space, however Sophie and Dale were smart to put down a non-permanent ground covering. This backyard is the only one that borders a street, allowing the future owner to remove the grass easily and create off-street parking, which is a rarity in inner Melbourne.

So there you have it. The homes are now complete and are ready for auction this coming Sunday night! I can't wait to see who wins, however I will be sad that the show is over for another season. I'd love to apply next's just a matter of convincing hubby! lol.

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