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The Block | Week 6 round up...

Sunday night is my favourite night for reveal night on The Block! This week the couples were set the task of decorating the third level of their homes, plus a rooftop terrace!! The houses have the most amazing views of the Melbourne skyline, and dare say this will contribute immensely to the final selling prices of the properties.  Like every week, the couples experienced many delays...due to torrential rain, builders, scaffolders, and challenges in between. I honestly don't know how the couples are still standing! They must be absolutely exhausted. You can see how flat Dan, Mike and Andrew are. That's what overwork and little sleep do to a man.  Here's a few photos from last night's reveal for your viewing pleasure...

Sophie and Dale's rooftop terrace and study
As Sophie and Dale had already included their laundry into the master bathroom, they decided to make the third floor a study space.  The L-shaped desk was handmade by Dale and sits beautifully under the window. Timber shelving above add much needed storage for this home office.  At first glance, the wall appears to be covered in recycled timber boards, however it's actually wallpaper! Very clever. As the judges said last night, it's not to everyone's taste, although I think I works really well here and carries Sophie and Dale's style through to this room.

Look how incredible the view is from the desk! Would you ever get any work done?  I think I would find myself mighty distracted by the view...just splendid.

Sophie and Dale have included the recycled/reupholstered chair they made a few weeks ago. It's no surprise they won this particular challenge...the suit fabrics, ties and buttons they used to reupholster this chair look fabulous together!

A timber staircase leads up to the rooftop terrace, where you're greeted with a whimsical sheep sculpture...another nod to Sophie and Dale's style.

A narrow bar and colourful stools make great use of this narrow rooftop terrace, and take full advantage of the million dollar views of Melbourne. Picture yourself late in the afternoon, a glass of bubbles and some nibbles. Perfect.

The view to the right is just as stunning, with the rooftop terrace overlooking a gorgeous black stone church.

A bench seat covered in plush outdoor cushions surrounds the rest of the rooftop terrace, making this one very functional space.  At this stage, you can still see next door, however a frosted glass dividing wall will soon give much needed privacy.

Mike and Andrew's rooftop terrace and utility room
For the third floor room, Mike and Andrew have created what judge Shaynna Blaze coined the "laundry bar".  The brothers have tried to make the most of this space and judges were a little harsh, describing the space as oppressive. The dark colours make this space look like a sophisticated nightclub bar.  It's unfortunate that they ran out of time and left a few projects unfinished. I'm assuming the washer/dryer is meant to be hidden between cabinet doors.  The mezzanine level was a great idea, but wasn't executed properly.  The ladder they've provided wasn't tall enough to reach to the upper level, and could prove quite dangerous.

The U-shaped bench provides this utility room with loads of working and storage space, however it also closes it in. Perhaps an L-shaped bench would have suited the space better.

The sink and tapware the brothers have selected is incredibly stylish, and seem to blend in with the view beyond, not obstruct it.

Onto the rooftop terrace...the brothers' rooftop is probably one of the smallest in the block and unfortunately they haven't chosen the right elements to furnish this space.

The brothers have selected a really nice outdoor dining setting, however it's way to big for the space. Once the dividing wall goes up, there will be very little space to move around.

Dani and Dan's rooftop terrace and study
Can I be honest here? I really don't like this room! The desk is way too fussy. I'm not a fan of the Louis Ghost chair, and I think it really is a poor use of space. I'm sure Dani and Dan (or more likely Dani) have spent a lot of money in this room, and unfortunately it just doesn't work. As a home office, this space should have much more storage. I don't know of any office that doesn't have at least one drawer to scoop all of the paperwork into. To me it looks like they've tried to jam as many trendy items into the space and given very little thought to it's functionality.

Two things I do love in this space are this reading chair and the colour scheme. Apparently grey and orange are right on trend (who knew?), and Dani and Dan have managed to pull that one out of the hat.

Dani and Dan have opted for a bar height table and colourful aluminium chairs to furnish their outdoor space. A simple bbq completes the space. The judges were harsh in their assessment, saying that very little had been done to the space. I tend to agree. They've picked out some nice pieces, put them in place and called it done. Given that this is a design show, I would've expected more.

This space is great for intimate gatherings, but you wouldn't want too many more people on that deck.

Brad and Lara's rooftop terrace and utility room
This week's very deserving winners. Brad and Lara also delivered a "laundry bar" and created an incredibly functional room.  The washer/dryer have been hidden under the counter top, and there's loads of space to wash, fold, iron etc.  The ladder leads to a mezzanine level, adding a huge amount of storage space! It doesn't end there can see behind the ladder, there is a small white door on the left. More storage that extends underneath the outside deck.

Below the stainless steel counter, Brad and Lara have included three fridges...for beer, wine and food. That, along with the huge preparation area on the counter, you wouldn't need to go downstairs during your function. You could lounge up there all day.

Brad and Lara have the largest house on The Block, which means they're blessed with the largest rooftop terrace. They've made great use of the space by building in an L-shaped bench seat. The bench tops lift to reveal hidden storage beneath.  There's also a trap door in the decking which hides more storage.

There is a large stainless steel bbq tucked in the corner, and potted tree completing the terrace. Loads of storage, loads of seating and great facilities make this a really desirable outdoor entertaining area.

As with Sophie and Dale, Brad and Lara's rooftop terrace has a stunning view of the Melbourne cityscape. The new owners will be so lucky to pull up a pillow and lounge the day away. Congrats on the win Brad and Lara! Very well deserved.

This week, the couples will be working on their lounge rooms. Hopefully they will be able to catch up on some sleep given that they only have to deliver one room. No doubt there'll be challenges and surprises along the way to cause a few road bumps...can't wait!

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PS. I've had a few people ask if these are sponsored posts. No, they're not...I just a Blockaholic! lol

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