Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Block | The do-overs...

Last week on The Block, the couples were given the opportunity to make over the worst spaces in the house, as determined by the judges. On the whole, I think the couples have done amazing jobs renovating and decorating their homes. The rooms/spaces the judges picks were my least favourite too. Let's see how they went.

Dani and Dan's hallway
Initially, Dani and Dan had tried to push the design envelope by remodelling the original archway and creating a black gloss staircase with metal treads. They didn't pull it off at all, and I'm so glad they had the chance to revisit this space. Gone is the ugly Lego brick arch, for a clean-lined bulkhead, which is much more in keeping with the rest of the clean lines throughout the home. The black gloss timber has been painted out white, and metal treads covered in carpet. I actually miss the black timber, though from the kitchen, the white does look a lot better.

Mike and Andrew's rooftop terrace
This rooftop terrace suffered terribly from big furniture syndrome! How many of us go and purchase furniture without thinking about how it will fit into the space. Gone is the oversized bbq table...say hello to built in wrap around bench seating with colourful cushions! Much nicer, and a lot more functional.

Sophie and Dale's dining room
The winner for this week's reveal.  If it weren't for the dreadful op shop chairs and timber art, Sophie and Dale may well have won this room reveal the first time around. The second reveal definitely shows how much they've grown as designers and how they have kept true to their quirky aesthetic.  The timber frames have had a bit of colour added, as have the ends of the logs in the fireplace. A bold contemporary piece of art replaces the timber sign, and colourful designer chairs complete the space. Not pictured are the new floor sweeping curtains...much nicer!  There's only one more thing I would add...a rug. It would soften up this space beautifully.

Brad and Lara's living room
I actually didn't mind this room the first time it was revealed, though the judges thought it was lacking a little warmth. To soften the space, Brad and Lara have replaced the white leather lounge with a super comfortable  fabric sofa. The fireplace has had it's mantle restored, and a fun trunk with throws and cushions inside finishes off the space. I'm so glad they've replaced those horrible curtains too with stylish roman blinds.
The experience the couples have gained really shows, and each of their revamped spaces looks gorgeous! Next post...the kitchens...

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If you had a wad of cash handed to you to makeover a room in your house, which room would you choose?

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