Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ethos Design update...the buffet!

I love my buffet. I run my hand across the top every time I walk past it. I love it's curves, it's diamond patterned veneer, and all the bumps and scratches that come with age. I have had it since March 2011 (a birthday gift to me that my family chipped in for). Before me, it had been in the one family since the 1940's. The couple that sold it to me were so sad they couldn't take it with them when they moved interstate, and I promised to look after it. Love it.

A couple of months ago, when I had the opportunity to work with Anna from Ethos Design, this was one area where I wanted some really make this piece shine.  Although I love the home print by May and Belle, it looked completely lost hanging above the buffet.  It just wasn't working. I have since moved the framed print to another area of our home, and followed Anna's advice to hang a mirror in it's place.

Anna's advice...

"A mirror will help reflect light from the door around the room, and a striking piece here will provide a beautiful focal point when combined with the buffet."

"Buffets are a perfect place for a lamp to add more ambient lighting...Rather than keeping it plain, a lampshade provides the perfect opportunity to bring some pattern into the dining room. I’d suggest buying a length of the feature cushion fabric and using it to cover a plain shade, adding more teal trim for contrast."

Challenge accepted...ta da!!

This is a work in progress for our home.  The lamp base Anna recommended from Ikea, wasn't available at either of the Sydney stores, so it was onto plan B...find one that had a similar feel. I fell in love with this Venice table lamp from Freedom. I like the scale, the clear, antiqued glass, and metal base. The slightly tapered shade fills the space beautifully. Overall, this lamp suited the look and feel of the buffet and the mirror...I love combining old and new and making it work together.

The Cairo mirror, also from Freedom, is just beautiful! Anna got this choice absolutely spot on. The beveled detail on the mirror gives it old world charm, while the brass finish and clean lines of this masculine style mirror, make it work with everything else in the space.  It fills the space so perfectly above the buffet...the added bonus being that I can now see what's going on in the kitchen while I'm seated in the bay window area of our living room. No more kids sneaking into the pantry and fridge! lol.

As mentioned above, Anna recommended that I customise the lamp shade by using a patterned fabric.   When I ordered a couple of handmade pillow covers from Aurelia6311, I also asked if I could purchase an extra length of the Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Vintage Plume fabric. Thankfully Aurelia had extra! It doesn't hurt to ask, does it. Next step...covering the lampshade...

I haven't actually gotten around to the covering part yet...I'm still trying to decide which part of the fabric to use (it's all so lovely!). There are a couple of peacocks featured, and I want to get the right one front and centre. Here I am testing the fabric to see what level of light shines through.

It's amazing what a little pop of colour and pattern can do for your space! Even though I like the white shade, I am preferring the pattern there.  Once I've covered the lamp shade, I'll be adding a little band of teal ribbon top and bottom to finish it off.

For now, I'm just enjoying the mirror and lamp as they are, and getting used to seeing my reflection every time I walk past.  The change has added so much warmth to our buffet and dining space.

Decorating your home can be a slow process...enjoy all the small changes as you go! There's no need to finish it all in one hit.  Every little update we make to our decor makes me feel so much happier. I think I'm just going to enjoy this little vignette before I move onto the next. Watch this space...

The Organised Housewife

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