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The Block | Week 5 round up...

Just when the couples from The Block thought hell week was over...this week they had to deliver not one, not two...but three rooms! The foyer, staircase and another bedroom.  You may not consider the foyer and staircase to be rooms, however there is an equal amount of work required to make these spaces functional and stylish.  There was a massive difference between 4th and 1st place this week...the chumps scoring 19/30 (which I thought was pretty harsh), and this week's winner's scoring an impressive 27/30!  Here's why...

Dani and Dan - guest room and hallway
This week, Dani and Dan scored the lowest marks on the block.  They have all but striped any of the original features out of this terrace home, including the beautiful archway at the end of the hallway.  The wall colour, flooring, pendant lights and artwork on the floor are all incredible,  however they were seriously let down by the squared off archway. I don't know what they were thinking. Hopefully they'll be able to find some time and cash to rectify it before sale.

The gloss black stair case looks amazing, and is right on trend.  The original details are highlighted beautifully with this finish, and help integrate the staircase into the modern design that Dani and Dan are going for.

Now this was a major risk...zinc covered stair treads. I love the gloss black down either side of the staircase, but I think this would have worked better with dark grey carpet through the centre. I have in the back of my mind that these are supposed to be family homes. Is the zinc hard to maintain, and would it be slippery once it gets a little dusty?  Personally, if I bought this house, this would be the first thing I would replace.

Dani and Dan's third bedroom is just lovely, and perfect for a teenage girl.  The wallpaper feature wall, cushions and artwork all work really well together.  Neal Whittaker commented that he couldn't see how they relate together. In my opinion, they don't need to be exactly matching...the colours compliment each other well, and there's a range of pattern sizes...I guess that's the scrapbooker in me. lol.

Opposite the king single bed, is a built in wardrobe and desk area. Once again, perfect for a teenager.  If you swapped out the cushions and artwork for something a little more masculine, this room would work for a teenage boy as well as the wallpaper isn't too feminine.  I think Dani and Dan were really unlucky this week. If it weren't for the dodgy arch and zinc stair treads, they would have scored a lot higher.

Mike and Andrew - guest room and hallway
I love that the brothers kept the original archway in their terrace house, and complimented it with a modern pendant light and dark timber floors. Unfortunately it looks unfinished. The hallway could really have done with a splash of colour on the walls...a bold artwork or even a mirror. As it stands, it just doesn't look very welcoming. They did admit last night that they ran out of time, so it will be nice to see what they add.

Once again, the brothers have created quite a masculine space with loads of built in storage, clean lines and neutral colourings. They've mixed it up this week by adding a feminine bird print quilt cover, artwork and bedside tables...and a plethora of cushions. The judges were critical of their styling choices, saying that there were too many birds...and I agree. Each of the items independently are nice, but all together it looks way too themey.

I absolutely love this side table! It's so sweet, and would be perfect in a tween/teens room. I'm not convinced it works in a sophisticated adult guest room though. I think this room needs a little tweaking before it goes on the market.

Brad and Lara - guest room and hallway
This entryway is so welcoming. The beautiful original archway perfectly frames the staircase to the upper levels; the hall table is a great place to drop your keys as you walk in the door; and let's not ignore the killer Fandango lamp hanging from the ceiling. It floats like a cloud in this soft and light.

The view is equally as impressive looking towards the front door. Brad and Lara did a fabulous job restoring the original corbels at the base of the arch. The white paint throughout makes this space feel so welcoming, and the glass bottles on the hall table add a much needed pop of colour.

Brad and Lara have been blessed and cursed with the largest house on The Block...loads of space to work with, but lots more work to do. I love the styling in this room. It's bright and airy, with ample room around the bed.  Brad and Lara have stayed true to their design style, using the same ceiling fan and down lights that they've used throughout the rest of the house.  The neutral colours work really well, with the addition of teal.

I absolutely love the teal chevron cushion on the bed, and the chevron European pillows at the that pattern! It suits both sexes.  The bench seat and green ottoman look great too. This is a beautiful bedroom that would suit many people. I wouldn't mind having this room myself!

Sophie and Dale - guest room and hallway
This week's winners with an impressive 27/30! Sophie and Dale have restored the original brickwork back to it's former glory, teaming it with timber flooring and statement light fitting, to create a moody and welcoming entry way.  The beaded pendant light is just stunning, and so detailed. It really has that WOW factor and gives your guests a hint as to how beautiful the rest of the house must be.

Sophie and Dale and included a little of their ecclectic/vintage style by including a practical coat rack in the hallway...perfect for your hats, umbrellas and eco shopping bags.

Size doesn't need to be an issue when it comes to style. Sophie and Dale have made the most of this small room to create a bedroom perfect for any child or teenager.  To save on space, the newlyweds to the risk of painting a bedhead on the wall...genius! I'm also impressed with the vintage luggage drawers designed by Sophie. I have seen this idea on Pinterest before, but this one is executed beautifully.

Opposite the king single bed is a beautiful forest wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in a big way, and this print is so striking, without overpowering the room.  The little desk is perfect for a child to sit and colour, and imagine and play. I love this space and I know my daughter would love this room.  This room isn't large, but it's huge on impact. Congrats Sophie and Dale on your first win!

My favourite accessories for the week...the sweetest soft little bunny and the whimsical jackalope.

So, what's in store for the couples next week on The Block?  Another three room delivery! Another staircase, another room and the all important roof top terrace.  The challenge...the couples are all running out of money! Stay tuned.

Which hallway is your favourite from this week's reveals?
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