Friday, May 4, 2012

5 ideas for displaying your collection

Once you've started your collection, the next step is to figure out how to store it or display it!  The amount of space you devote to your collection will depend on what it is you're actually collecting. If you were collecting expensive stamps, you wouldn't just leave them in their packets in the kitchen drawer. You would take the time to purchase a safe stamp storage album, and carefully arrange them inside. The same goes for collections that are on display in your home.  It makes sense to display your collection in a way that really makes it a conversation piece in your home.  Firstly, remember to:
  • Use sturdy display shelves or cabinets.
  • Maintain your collection by cleaning and dusting it regularly.
  • Keep a breakable collection away from inquisitive little fingers.
  • Review your collection periodically and remove or dispose of items that no longer suit.
Here's some great ideas for displaying your collections!

1. Make your collection into an art work
You could keep your stamp collection in a standard stamp collector's album...or you could create a piece of art! Obviously, you would need to choose stamps that aren't valuable, but you would still have fun finding enough stamps to fill a frame.  This piece really makes a statement, and a great piece of art in the living space, or even your son's bedroom! Choose stamps that have the same colour tones, or the same theme.

2. Use open shelving
Displaying your collection on open shelving makes great economical sense. Opening shelving can be wall mounted (such as the one below), or free standing. Free standing is the perfect option if you are renting, or your collection is a little on the heavy side. The last thing you want is your collection of teapots falling off the wall in the middle of the night!  When organising your collection, grouping similar colours together will give your display more visual impact.  Resist the temptation to arrange your items in height order...the height variances will add more interest.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

3. Use the surfaces of your existing furniture
A cluster of like items will look fantastic displayed on your buffet, sideboard, drinks trolley or shelving.  Move your photo frames from on top, and fill the open space with as many items from your collecting that will fit.  As with the open shelving idea above, mix up the different heights of your items.  In the image below, there are two collections grouped globes on the framed sketches on the wall. Together they make are really interesting display, and they're a definite conversation starter.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

4. Repurpose furniture finds
The next time you are out thrifting, or shopping for furniture, try picturing different uses for the pieces you find.  Here, an old mail sorting centre because the perfect display case for a collection of cameras.  Just a lick of paint was all that was needed to update this piece!  Rethink using old crates, pieces of luggage, printers trays to display your collection.

5. Hang it straight on the wall
No need to place everything in a cabinet.  If your collection can be wall mounted, group them together to create a really effective wall display...just be sure to use the right hardware!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

There are unlimited ways you can display your collection in your home. Just remember to dedicate enough space, and use discretion. As one reader commented in the previous post, it's just as important to know when to stop collecting!  Each of the display ideas above work really well, because thought has been given to placement and space. If your collection is starting to take over two complete rooms in your home, then perhaps it's time to pare it back a little.

Stay tuned for Part new collection and how I'll be displaying it.

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