Thursday, April 26, 2012

The tooth fairy needs to update her records!

Last night, the tooth fairy had cause to visit the Warren household. For weeks, Eme's front tooth has been getting wobblier and wobblier...with a bit of help from Eme and I.  Yesterday, I maintained my record of physically pulling out 100% of the children's wobbly teeth (gross I know...there was only a little bit of blood).  The kids are always shocked when they first realise that it's out, then a gappy smile comes over their face when they remember that they'll be all cashed up the next day!

In our house, the tooth fairy isn't overly generous...$5 for the first tooth, and a gold coin for every tooth after that.  Not too shabby. I remember getting somewhere between 20c-50c when I was child. That's inflation for you!

So, onto our tradition. Seth and Eme both have a little container that they use to house their tooth so that the Tooth Fairy can find it. The Tooth Fairy takes the tooth, and in exchange leaves a shiny gold coin.  Just one problem...Eme had taken her container up to the grandparents house last week just in case her tooth came out...and she forgot to bring it home! Eme was a little upset, so I texted Nanny to let her know. In the meantime, Eme found a different container to use, so in went her tooth to wait for last night's visit.

This morning, Eme was delighted to find out that the Tooth Fairy delivered twice! Once at our house and again at the grandparents.  Lucky girl.  I think I might have to talk to this Tooth Fairy...she's going to send us all broke. lol.

The last time she was scheduled to come to our house for Seth, she forgot. Ooops...major tooth fairy faux pas.  A quick call to granny indicated that she had in fact left $2 at their place because that's where he lost the previous tooth. Then...Eme loses a tooth the next day...and the Tooth Fairy had better remember because the kids would seriously lose their shizz.  Thankfully, a reminder was set in the Tooth Fairy's diary, and not only did she remember, but she gave Seth an extra $2 to say sorry.  That was an expensive week! lol.

Has your tooth fairy ever forgotten? What's the going rate at your house?

ps. Eme has placed her tooth fairy money into her dollarmites folder, ready for banking at school next week...good girl!

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