Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Style Dare | The Arm Party...

Last week, Fox in Flats, through down her stylish gauntlet and dared her readers to throw the mother of all arm parties! I haven't joined in any of the style dares...until now. I may or may not, have enough accessories to open my own store, so this dare was perfect for me!!  I rocked that party like it was 1999, and loaded up my wrist every day with all of my colourful jewels (plastic or otherwise. lol).  If you think this is a lot...you should see my necklace, earring and cocktail ring collections!! Here's how I arm partied...

Day One - Monday Blues

Day Two - Office Orange

Day Three - The Bumblebee

Day Four - Rockin' Red

Day Five - Not caught in a style vacuum

Day Six - Easter Egg-cessories

Day Seven - Sunday Silver

Not to be left out...Eme grabbed some of her accessories and joined in the party too! You may recognise the pink bling crocheted number I wore on Day 6..."we" like to share. :-)

I had so much fun wearing all of my pretties last week!  Thanks Fox in Flats...I can't wait until the next style dare.  Did you join in?

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