Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I know...the FOMO edition

FOMO...the fear of missing out!

Perhaps it's more like AMO...actually missing out.

This is exactly how I'm feeling today.  Last year, I purchased a ticket to the Digital Parents conference in Melbourne.  I was so excited to press purchase that day.  My ticket was emailed to me, I rang and booked accommodation, and started making travel plans.

It was to be a family day spent with my bloggy peeps, the rest with the family. Andrew and the kids would explore Melbourne for the day...there was talk of finding penguins, and perhaps catching a footy game if the draw allowed. By footy, I mean rugby league.

Today is the day, and I'm not there.

Instead, I chose to be at home.

The timing is all wrong. I've had way too much time off work recently due to illness, and I couldn't in all good conscience, take another couple of days off.

I'm disappointed, and left wondering what everyone is learning and chatting about.  I'm avoiding the twitter stream today...not that I could keep up with the usual chatter anyway.

Thankfully, I was able to sell my ticket, and I hope Lisa has a great time!  What are the odds that another LisaW would take my place?

I have my ticket already for Nuffnang's Blogopolis, and I can't wait for that one!  It's in Sydney, and it's on a Saturday, so no excuses for not being able to go!

What do you know this Friday?

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