Monday, March 26, 2012

Setting goals, turns dreams into reality...

...or at least, that's the intention.

Week 6's challenge for the 52 weeks to simplify your life blog posts, is to document your goals. In my mind, you can have all the goals you want, but unless you do some planning, it's more likely that your goals will remain dreams.  I can say, I want to lose weight, but how will I do that and how can it be measured.

I have been reflecting on the Wheel of Life that I posted for Week 5. It's pretty obvious straight away where I need to make improvements in my life.  The lowest scoring piece of the pie was Health and Fitness, with a lowly 3/10. The other two categories that scored lowly were Money and Finance, and Fun, both scoring 5/10. This is where I'll concentrate first. I plan to revisit the Wheel of Life in a month's time to see where I am at.

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Heath and Fitness
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I am morbidly obese. Obviously, this is where I need to focus most of my energy.

Goal - lose weight
Plan - record what I am eating using My Fitness Pal, and stick as close as possible to the recommended daily calorie intake; eat breakfast; cut back on takeaway meals; cut back on diet soft drink and drink more water; weigh in each Tuesday and post results online.

Goal - introduce exercise into my life
Plan - instead of watching my son at football training for two hours per week, walk around the oval; return to aqua aerobics twice a week; reassess at the end of April 2012.

Money and Finance
This was the next lowest score on the Wheel of Life...definitely something I need to work on.

Goal - follow up monies owing to me
Plan - send invoices to magazines for publications; send reminder emails to customers who have yet to pay me.

Goal - cut back on spending
Plan - write down ALL purchases for one week and reassess; cut back on buying weekly magazines; bring breakfast, snacks and lunch from home; give myself a weekly allowance and stick to it; reassess each fortnight.

Goal - increase income
Plan - work towards rebuilding my kit club, listing all of the products I have available for sale; follow through with customers.

Sadly, this category came out average.  We all need a little more fun in our lives, right?

Goal - laugh more
Plan - how can I plan to laugh more? I can do this by spending time with my girlfriends more, trying not to take life so seriously; watch funny movies; finally go to the Craichouse and see a live comedian.

Goal - try new things
Plan - as I lose weight, I will push myself out of my comfort zone. Not sure what I'm planning to do yet...but watch out world!!  Liking the idea of the 101 ideas for family fun posted on Deb's site!


That's as much as I feel I can plan for at the moment. Small continuous steps to improvement.  Have you made any plans for yourself lately?

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