Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home design made easy with Ethos Design - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2! We've already met Anna from Ethos it's time to see how she pulls it all together!  As I've mentioned earlier, Anna was putting together a "Refresh Kit" for my living and dining awkward L-shaped room with many angles and windows. A room that I've always found difficult to decorate.  A "Refresh Kit" is exactly what it sounds like. It's a plan to refresh your space, using what you already have and incorporating new items that will enhance and compliment your design.

The first step is to complete a questionnaire so that Anna can establish what your style is. Questions such as any issues we encounter in our space, our budget, our favourite places to shop, decorating magazines we read, favourite designers, colours etc.  This is where my "home stuff" pinterest board came in handy. I was able to email Anna the link, and she could see straight away what I like...lots of neutrals teamed with blues.

I also provided photos of our chosen space, and measurements of the room, as well as any furniture we may wish to keep. I will admit, our space isn't too bad...but I've always felt like it missed that bit of pizazz.  I've never had trouble picking out large pieces of furniture, just the bits that tie it all together to make it look WOW! Here's the images that we started with.  The major pieces are all fairly new (to me).  The dining table, buffet and sewing table are all antiques. The other pieces were purchased from my favourite store...Freedom! I've waited a long time to purchase these they were on my "to stay" list.
Also staying are our lounge chairs.  The rug and television cabinet can go.

Armed with all of this information, Anna set about defining our style, and she couldn't have been more spot on!  My style is "Classic Contemporary with a little dash of whimsy thrown in".  I couldn't agree more. I have always tried to pick furniture that has straight lines so that it looked a bit masculine, then added accessories with a feminine touch.  Here's a snapshot of my style profile as prepared by Anna...

Before we go about adding things to our space, it's essential to work out the foundation first...where the larger items will be placed in the room. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had our layout right for our space, with the exception of our brown arm chair and Moroccan inspired side table.  That was a simple change to make and cost us nothing. lol.  As soon as I saw this idea, I put it into action and it's working for us...better access behind the lounge and it's created a better conversational space.

Now onto the fun stuff...the decorating!  Anna created two different moodboards for for the living area, and one for the dining area.  We've recently painted our living/dining room a pale blue/grey (Dulux "Antarctica Lake" quarter strength), and it's's a classic colour that is right on trend at the moment.  I love the rug that Anna has selected for our space...a large neutral rug with a Greek "key" pattern around the border, that will tie our living space together.  We originally had a large dark brown chest to the left of our lounge, and a teal one on the right. Anna suggested a dark brown coffee table on the right to balance it out. The table she chose only cost $10 from Ikea! We've already swapped it out, and she was does look more balanced!  I've also bought the table lamps Anna recommended, but have yet to customise the shades. I'll share some images once they're done. Coincidentally, one of the lamps only lasted two days because my son knocked it off the coffee table!! Thankfully he only broke the electrical fitting, and the shade and base stayed in tact.

The tv cabinet from Ikea that she's suggested is gorgeous, and I particularly love that she's recommended painting the inside of it to customise it for our space...a gorgeous yellow that will bring out the yellows of the cushions, rug and artwork.

Here's the moodboard for our dining space. Once again, Anna has recommended an identical rug for under the dining table. Having the two spaces use the same rugs will help tie the two areas together, but will define each individual space.  I did ask that she consider the lighting and curtains in the room.  Anna suggested the most lovely chandelier for above the dining table, that isn't too hubby is very pleased.  I also love the two tone curtains she's suggested. That style is signature Sarah Richardson (my favourite tv designer), and I'm glad Anna thought to bring that into the space.
I was provided with a "Refresh Kit" portfolio, tailored especially for me. It defines my style, recommends where to place my furniture and accessories, and includes a shopping list with prices!  This is so handy and I have taken it shopping with me on several occasions now. I was able to refer to the shopping list recently when I was in Domayne selecting the lamps for the side tables. The customer service person that helped me was mighty impressed!  She was as excited as I was...and even went hunting for the other items in Domayne for me. Talk about stress free.

I've ticked a few items off the list such as the coffee table, lamps, and some pillows from etsy. I was even able to purchase some extra matching fabric to recover a lamp shade that will eventually go on my buffet.  We'll be putting Anna's recommendations into practise piece by piece when we can afford it.  I'm definitely looking forward to the half yearly sales so I can pick up that mirror!!

Would I recommend this service?  ABSOLUTELY...and I already have. If you're looking to update your space, and don't know where to Anna from Ethos Design...or you could try your luck right here... I have a "Refresh Kit" valued at $249 for one lucky Life as we know it reader....enter below!

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