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Thursday Three | Lessons from your children...

Welcome to another week of Thursday Three!  This week's blogging prompt is...
Hang parents, aren't we supposed to be teaching them?  That isn't always the case. Your children have a lot to offer just have to keep your eyes and ears open. 

Children lack the ability to sensor what they say!
You may have read the story about the time Seth decided to drop the c-bomb, and why. To this day, I don't know why, out of all the swear words in the  he chose THAT particular word. The lesson there is, you can never predict what they are going to say until they open their gorgeously pure little mouths and drop a clanger that would turn your mother's hair grey.  You can't control the timing either! Oh yes, I still remember sitting in the back of the church, quietly breastfeeding baby Eme while my cousin David married Krystle, and Seth speaking at the top of his voice..."MUM, DID SHE VOMIT?!! MUM!!"...there's no chance of remaining discrete when everyone turns around to find out what's going on. lol.

As you know, I've been struggling with my weight for years.  Eme used to tell me how big I was, and I mentioned this to my therapist at the time, and he put it into perspective for me. She is little, so to her, I am big! It's all relative, and no need to be upset about it. Fair call. This week though, Seth suggested it might be good if I apply for next year's Biggest Loser. Yes, I was offended...particularly since I have been doing Tony Ferguson for three weeks and have lost 4.5kg. I don't intend on needing to go on the Biggest Loser  I think his intentions were good...he wants me to lose weight and he can see how well the contestants are doing on the Biggest Loser.  The lesson here I said, they lack the ability to sensor, and it can be upsetting, but as an adult, you need to accept that they usually mean well.

Children can have a love/hate relationship!
How many times have you sat down for dinner, and your child instantly rejects the food on their plate? You're confused...they liked that the last time they ate it...why do they hate it now??  This doesn't just apply to meat and kids will turn their noses up at Happy Meal (can't blame them really). Food is our biggest battle at home, and a constant source of frustration. At the ages of 8 and 6, Seth and Eme are pretty determined individuals, and know exactly what they the time. It could be their absolute favourite meal, and they will still refuse it. Lordy, I hope they grow out of it soon...hubs and I are pulling our hair out. It's confusing as hell, and they know how to keep you on their toes. I guess the lesson here is...they will eat when they're hungry...and you just pray it will be something you've already prepared.

There is no such thing as too much Bon Jovi!
Christmas 2010. One lucky boy receives a copy of Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits, and from that day forward, he will listen to it. Every. Single. Night. That's 411 days people! Without fail...but only disk one, because apparently, disk two just isn't as good. lol. We have tried encouraging Seth to listen to something else...anything else...but to no avail. He absolutely loves Bon Jovi and he was shattered that we didn't take him along to see them live in concert. I've promised him that if Bon Jovi tour Australia again, we will take him. Until then, he can continue listening to his favourite band on cd.  What is the lesson here? There's no such thing as too much of a good thing...and when you're onto a good thing, you stick to it! lol.

What lessons have your children taught you lately?  The good, the bad and the them up here for this week's Thursday Three! Add this button to your post and don't forget to share the comment love with with the others linked.

ps.  You don't have to blog on a Thursday...the linkie will be open for a week.  Thanks for playing along!

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