Monday, January 30, 2012

I've lost it!

Today was my first weigh in for Tony Ferguson, and I was very pleased to see the scales drop 2.5kg! Being the visual person that I am...that equates to five x 500g packets of mince. When you look at it that way, that is a lot of weight...that I will never see again.  I feel so determined this time, and I say "this time" because I have tried every "diet" under the sun. So, what's the difference?

My hubby has been incredibly supportive. You often hear of spouses trying to sabotage your weightloss by preparing fatty foods, or eating treats in front of you. Andrew has been the complete opposite. He has helped prepare a variety of delicious meals for us during the week, and cut back on his portions as well. In fact, he's lost weight this week too!

I have been able to manage the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program, and incorporate it into my daily life so easily. There are always challenges, and temptations in life; it is how you handle it that makes the difference. I am not embarrassed about being on this program at all, and feel comfortable taking my meals with me to work.  My co-workers have all been incredibly supportive and interested in the program. As I spend approximately 35-40 hours a week with these people; this has helped me immensely!

I have faced a few social challenges this week, and I have handled them like a pro.  First up, a barbeque at work. Instead of joining my co-workers for fatty sausages and creamy salads; I prepared a simple chicken and garden salad for myself. No questions asked, and no pushing food under my nose to try.

The next challenge came with a dinner at the in-laws, where my m.i.l. prepared her usual pilaf rice, potatoes etc with an apple tart, and cocktails. I stuck to barbequed lean steak, salad and water. When dessert was being dished up, I simply left the table. It was a little frustrating, but I was very thankful when hubby came to join me on the lounge and skipped dessert as well.

The final challenge came on Australia Day...a day that is traditionally celebrated with pavlova, lamingtons and barbeques. We went along to the Breakfast on the Beach, which was organised by the local council. For $4, you were able to indulge in sausages and eggs, cereal, fruit, juice and tea/coffee. While my family and friends were having their breakfast, I had my Tony Ferguson shake with dietary fibre, followed by fruit at morning tea.  I am so proud of myself of sticking to my program!

Statistics as at 30/01/12
Starting weight: 139.5kg; Starting BMI: 52.5
Current weight: 137.0kg; Current BMI: 51.56
Total lost to date: 2.5kg

What have I learnt this week?
Don't be embarrassed or afraid to socialise while you are on your weightloss program. There's no need to isolate yourself. Make your outings work for you!

In my next post, I'll talk about all things food. The meals I've been eating...and what I REALLY think about Tony Ferguson's shakes and soups.

PS. Before you embark on any weightloss program, please consult your doctor. 

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products from Tony Ferguson for review purposes. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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