Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 things that literally make you LOL...

Welcome to another round of Thursday Three! Thanks to everyone who linked up last week. It was wonderful to read the lists of things you're all looking forward to in 2012.

For this week, I'm prompting you to get out from behind the LOL acronym, and write down what it is that actually makes you laugh out loud!
Here goes...

One...The Inbetweeners
The first time I watched The Inbetweeners was while we were away on holidays last January. There really wasn't much to watch on tv, so hubs and I thought we'd give it a go. OMG! I have never LOL'd so hard in my life! I was literally gasping for breath. The episode we saw was The Fashion yourself a favour, and watch it. Hilarious!! Be warned though...only watch if you're not offended by crass language and toilet humour.  We've watched every episode since then several times, and recently went to see the movie. I tell you, it's been ages since I've literally laughed that loud in public.

Two...The Blitz
So, who or what is the Blitz, you might ask? If you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you'd know the answer. For the uninitiated...the Blitz is one of the gang's friends, who always happens to miss out on the fun stuff. As soon as he walks out of the room, something awesome happens. Every. Single. Time.

To me, the Blitz will also be known as the time Eme found a sense of humour...way beyond her years. We were driving home from somewhere, and we were all looking out the windows, pointing out stuff to each other. Seth would miss it. Ever. Single. Time. Eme turned to him and called him the Blitz!! Andrew and I laughed so freakin' hard!! Who knew she was watching HIMYM so intently and picking up tips to burn her brother. hahaha.  Love it when the kids share their humour with us...especially when it's not knock knock jokes.

Three...spending time with my friends
The gorgeous Wendy had been one of my online friends for a while. We'd always gotten along quite well, but I was nervous about meeting her irl. We shared a room at a scrapbooking retreat, and had the best time...laughing and laughing, and talking the point where we were told to shut up. hehe. Fast forward six months, and I had the joy of sharing a room again with Wendy, and this time her sister Susan joined us.  The laughs were louder and longer, and so appreciated. You know when you're feeling down and you just need to laugh until your sides hurt...that's what it's like with them.  All the worries slip away, and you just have fun...staying up late and talking crap, and laughing. I really feel like these girls have been a part of my life for the longest time.  I just wish they didn't live so far away. I'll be catching up with Wendles again in March...I can't wait!! I'm well overdue for a belly laugh.

Now, it's over to you! Go ahead and share what three things have literally made you lol on your own blogs, and link up back here. Don't forget to add the Thursday Three button to your post.  As always, comments are always appreciated...please visit some of the other linkers, and say hello.

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