Monday, January 2, 2012

101 things that made me happy last year*

*in no particular order

Finding 101 things to be happy for, when you're suffering from depression, is no easy feat! Sometimes you have to look at the little things...they all add up to major happiness. Happiness that you might not recognise at the time. I have decided that life needs to be happy, and I need to remember it more often. Over the course of the year, I'll be completing the challenges set by Home Life Simplified's "52 weeks to simplify your life", in an effort to seek happiness and to well...simplify life.  The first challenge was to document the things that made you happy throughout 2011.  Here's just a few...not bad, huh!
  1. holidaying with the family at Merry Beach
  2. hand feeding rainbow lorikeets
  3. sleeping on my really comfortable pillow
  4. spending my life with my bff Andrew
  5. wearing sandals with pretty painted toenails
  6. hanging a vinyl forest decal in my loungeroom
  7. experiencing my first animated 3D movie at the cinemas...amazing
  8. flying in a flight simulator and not crashing the plane
  9. spending time with my friends scrapbooking
  10. watching Seth shuffling to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"
  11. discovering new challenges at work, and finding out I actually enjoy them
  12. Emeline finally being night time toilet trained
  13. laughing so hard watching The Inbetweeners
  14. going on a date with my husband
  15. learning how to decorate cakes in fondant
  16. being fitted for a properly fitting bra
  17. hosting a scary Scooby Doo party for Seth's 8th birthday
  18. enjoying family meals at our dining table
  19. laughing so hard with Wendy and roomies at Camp Mojo
  20. witnessing my brother-in-law marry the lovely Racheal
  21. discovering Pinterest and being inspired
  22. winning loads of goodies through online competitions
  23. getting my desk buddy back at work
  24. travelling to Melbourne for Blogopolis
  25. meeting so many online friends in real life
  26. taking time to rest and recuperate
  27. hosting a tea party for Emeline's 6th birthday
  28. wearing my yellow necklace by Lovisa
  29. having my hair washed by the hairdresser
  30. receiving handmade tissue paper flowers from Seth for my birthday
  31. enjoying back massages from the kids
  32. having my layout published on the cover of Scrapbook Creations
  33. fluffy bunnies (okay, I was just phoning that one in)
  34. working part time so that I'm home when the kids come home from school
  35. blogging what I want, when I rules
  36. trying new recipes
  37. enjoying a nanna nap on the lounge while the kids play nicely
  38. making Eme's hair look super cute
  39. playing with my iPhone4
  40. watching the kids perform in their school assemblies
  41. reading Grazia magazine every a bit of glamour and trash
  42. working out at water aerobics
  43. having cuddles with my kids
  44. eating really good chocolate
  45. creating gorgeous fascinators to wear
  46. watching Seth play rugby league, jumping up and down all excitedly, cheering him on
  47. swimming and floating in the pool
  48. decorating our buffet with glittery, pastel eggs and flowers for Easter
  49. watching the kids run down the hill from the bus stop, excited to see me
  50. sitting/lying on our new leather lounge
  51. getting up to mischief with Muggins the Elf
  52. trying to take responsibility of our finances, instead of ignoring them
  53. patting our freshly washed and groomed dog Marley
  54. chatting with Jodie (must do more often)
  55. sending out a family photo Christmas card and hearing people's responses
  56. making friends with wonderful bloggers who are so supportive
  57. finding boots that fit my wide calves
  58. watching copious amounts of Lifestyle Home television
  59. listening to Eme reading books, and hearing her improve over the year
  60. being presented with wonderful PR opportunities
  61. reorganising the linen cupboard, and keeping it that tidy
  62. welcoming my hubby home after he'd been working away for weeks
  63. celebrating my mum's birthday with high tea at the Camellia Gardens
  64. watching the Royal Wedding and sharing the experience online with friends
  65. dancing the first dance with my hubby at N&R's wedding
  66. learning more about html coding
  67. cuddling my newborn cousins born this year
  68. talking to my hubby every night before falling asleep
  69. turning on the airconditioner on a super hot day
  70. singing along to my favourite tunes while driving along in the car
  71. lying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, and the kids climbing in
  72. eating perfectly poached eggs, cooked by my hubby
  73. finding my keys after they'd been missing for months
  74. having a tidy house (albeit momentarily)
  75. knowing that Andrew's grandfather is no longer suffering (happy but sad)
  76. taking lots of photos and scrapbooking those memories
  77. discovering how colourful and delicious macarons are
  78. decluttering all of our dvd's and getting rid of the dvd tower
  79. seeing my blog stats double over the last six months
  80. reading and discovering new (to me) blogs
  81. making a tough decision and feeling at peace with it
  82. avoiding any hospital stays with Eme this year
  83. hearing the kids laughing
  84. having floor picnics in the loungeroom and watching movies
  85. talking and laughing with my friends
  86. retreating with my scrapbook friends and getting creative
  87. hosting giveaways on my blog and brightening my readers days
  88. simplifying meal time by using menu planning
  89. celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary
  90. reading the kids school reports and being completely proud of their progress
  91. painting our living space the perfect shade of pale grey/blue (Antarctica Lake 1/4 strength)
  92. finding funny photos the kids have taken on my iPhone
  93. rediscovering the joy and spirit of Christmas
  94. watching the school Christmas concert
  95. making and giving personalised gifts to the kids' teachers
  96. hosting a get together with all of my female cousins
  97. walking around my local markets and supporting the local traders
  98. beaming with pride as Eme and Seth were flowergirl and page boy
  99. actually staying awake until midnight on New Year's Eve
  100. seeing in the new year with my wonderful neighbours
  101. finally saying goodbye to 2011!
I did not enjoy 2011. I couldn't wait to see the back of it, but upon compiling this list, I realise, it wasn't as bad as I thought...


Accepting the challenge of completing
Home Life Simplified's
52 weeks to simplify your life

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