Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I know | The Elf on a Shelf edition

I first heard about the Elf on a Shelf tradition last year, but by the time I cottoned on, it was too late.

I have been devouring the fabulous images of cheeky elves on Pinterest. Some elves are very inventive! I love the fact that Santa's elves get up to all kinds of mischief and find themselves in funny situations when morning comes. Hubby and I decided that the Warren house needed an elf too.

Yesterday, a little elf named "Muggins" came to visit our family, holding a letter from Santa Claus (that may or may not have read pretty much the same as this)! Santa warned the kids that Muggins likes to play tricks and they were so excited! They read Santa's letter over and over...with Eme declaring that Santa uses fancy writing (Bradley Hand ITC...Santa typed his letter on special letterhead direct from the North Pole).

I know that Muggins is named after a quote from the movie "Elf", when Buddy declares that he's a "cotton-headed ninny muggins". lol.

I know that the kids left the living room on several occasions so that Muggins could talk and move in their absence. Muggins was too smart for this and remained perfectly still. His mischief was reserved until when the kids were fast asleep.

I know this morning we found Muggins riding the back of a T-Rex that was trying to eat my Christmas ornaments! Cheeky little elf. lol.
Eme was so excited and laughed so hard. Seth on the other hand walked out to the living room, took one look and went back to bed. Turns out, Seth had a temperature and headache and is spending the day off from school.

I know that Muggins is going to get into lots more mischief over the next few weeks and I will share the images with you in one big post later down the track.

I know that our Christmas tree is decorated and ready for presents to be placed underneath.  I'm hosting a Christmas Tree linky. If you've blogged about your Christmas Tree, you can link up your post here.

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