Saturday, December 31, 2011

Freebie | January photography checklist

Tomorrow not only sees the beginning of 2012, but a fresh, new photo album for those partaking in Project Life! I attempted Project Life a couple of years ago, and the most challenging thing I found, was figuring out what photos to take...there are only so many times you can photograph what you had for lunch. lol.  I thought that a photography checklist might help, but found that most were tailored for those living in the northern hemisphere. The solution...create a checklist for us Aussie gals!

Creating a 365 album (well, 366 in 2012, given that it's a leap year) doesn't mean you need to be doing something special every day. The more mundane routine moments of your lives are worth documenting as well. Each month, I will share the next month's checklist with point getting overwhelmed with the whole year in one hit! The checklists are suggestions for photos to take, not a monthly challenge for you to follow each day. There's also room for you to prepare for your own special events throughout the month, such as birthdays, parties, weddings, and more.

January is full of photographic opportunities...the children are on school holidays, the summer weather is just beautiful, and there's more time in the day. Enjoy capturing those moments!

To download the pdf file for yourself, click on the image above. Feel free to share the checklists, and add it to Pinterest.

Enjoy capturing the new year!

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