Monday, December 19, 2011

Cute little girl hairstyles!

I don't profess to know a lot about hair and beauty stuff. I pretty much had the same hair style for 15 years, only just growing out my fringe a couple of years ago (much to the delight of many friends, who have since confessed to me that they hated it! Thanks.). Now, I stick to the same ponytail It gets pretty boring looking in my bathroom mirror in the mornings. One of my mini goals for 2011, was to teach myself to braid my own hair. That hasn't happened as yet...maybe when I'm on holidays.

Emeline has gladly volunteered to be my "hair do" guinea pig in the meantime. Thanks to Pinterest, there's more than two ways I can now style her locks.  This fun little hair style was so super easy; the most difficult part was finding six coordinating hair bands. I gave up buying colourful ones a while ago, because I think Eme must throw them into a blackhole at the end of the day...never to be seen again. These blonde ones come in a big pack, and I'm not too fussed if they disappear. She sat so patiently while I tied up her hair...and was so excited once I showed her the finished product. It was a big hit at the Christmas party, that's for sure!

The next day, we had another Christmas party to go to, so I thought I'd step it up a bit! Its the same hairstyle as above, but with the hair plaited in between. It amazes me how long her hair looks this way.  She went swimming at the party, and her hair do held, which was more crazy, knotty hair afterwards!

The original inspiration came from She Does Hair. I'm loving this hair blog, and I'll be taking more inspiration from there in the future! Her daughters must be incredibly patient. The more I look at these images, the more I want to add pretty bows to everything!

I've been pinning loads of ideas for grown up hairstyles, but I'm not getting much time to experiment at the moment. One of the things I'm hoping to do in the new year, is to simplify a bit and have some fun...and they say a change of hairstyle is as good as a holiday! I might even dye it for the first time (don't hold me to that!).

What's your favourite hairstyle for little girls?

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