Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ooh! That's Pinteresting | the green thumb edition

...or should that be the brown thumb?  I'll admit it...I'm not very good at gardening. The plants that do the best in our garden, are ones that thrive on neglect; ie succulents, agapanthas, natives, etc.  I really love succulents. They are such a versatile plant, and will grow just about any where. Did you know, that if you pull a succulent leaf off the plant and push it into soil, it will take root and grow? In fact, I had some leaves fall on the bbq table that sprouted roots right there...I just had to put them in soil. Those plants are now flourishing!

Here's a few succulents that have caught my eye on Pinterest. I would love those head planters! So kitch!!  Not too many plants could survive growing inside an old typewriter, or defy gravity on the side of a wall.

Succulents can be planted into chicken wire too, and moulded into shape, such as this wreath, or inside a picture frame. Great ideas for hanging in your outdoor entertaining area. They come in many colours too...however I've never seen purple ones in real life before! I'll have to source them out.

Hubby has planted three vegetable plots in our backyard, and they are starting to grow really well. Only a few more weeks/months until we'll be able to feast on its bounty.  I love the idea of painted rocks as markers. I might have to create some with the could be a fun weekend activity.  If you don't have a large space, such as the one below, try planting inside concrete blocks!  The diagram below shows how you can grow a large variety of veges in a small area.

The garden isn't just for plants, its for entertainment too.  I'd love to have an outdoor fire and tv. I can imagine those long, lazy summer afternoons...watching the cricket and sipping on a cool beverage or two. You could swap the fire for a big outdoor oven...providing warmth and a place to bake at the same time.  A garden is a place for play and I long for a large tree with a rope swing attached. Our trees are no way near strong enough yet, but they do get lots of birds. The bird feeder below is made by coating a toilet roll in peanut butter, then rolling it in bird seed. The roll can be slided over a branch...making your feathered friends very happy!
All of these images can be found on my "garden stuff" Pinterest board. If you need an invitation to join Pinterest, send me an email and I'll invite you.

What kind of plants do you have in your garden?
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