Monday, November 28, 2011

Meal Plan | Let's get cooking...

Its been a while since I've written out our meal plan for the week, and with the craziness of Christmas looming ever closer, every little bit of organisation helps!  On the weekend, hubby's Great Aunty dropped off a dozen eggs. Her chickens have been laying overtime and we're reaping the benefits...awesome. Nothing beats fresh, organic eggs.  Andrew has also been cultivating quite a delicious looking fruit and vege patch and some produce is now ready for harvesting! Happy days. So this weeks menu incorporates eggs and fresh homegrown veg.

Two-cheese and Tomato Pie (using 3 of Aunty's chicken eggs)
and steamed vegetables.

Chicken stirfry with noodles and bok choy and peas (from our patch)

Zucchini Slice (5 eggs)

BBQ - Steak, jacket potatoes and salad

Andrew's homemade hamburgers with salad (lettuce from our patch)
The kids love these and have nicknamed them "Dad-Donalds". lol

Macaroni Cheese (reduced fat recipe) and salad
(lettuce from our patch, and hopefully tomatoes)

Roast pork and veges


That should satisfy everyone in the family this week! I've managed to include the kids' favourites (Eme = pasta; Seth = burgers), and use some of the eggs and produce. Hooray!

What will your family be eating this week?

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