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At the end of September, I wrote about the planning for Eme's 6th birthday party...and I'm only now getting around to sharing it with you.  Look at my gorgeous girl! I can't believe she's 6 already.  Eme had an absolutely fabulous birthday celebration, and I'm so happy she enjoyed her high tea party.  I limited the guests to 10, and Eme invited her kindy friends and her Year 6 buddy. I was surprised that she came along! Eme loved having her buddy there. Here's how it went down...

The Decorations
Girlie touches all the way. I was inspired to make a balloon wreath to hang on the front door. After many, many hours of work, I changed my mind and hung it inside. Initially I was going to make it completely pink, but when I figured out how much time it would take, I went with universal colours so that I can use it for many birthdays to come.  It was easy to make, just time consuming. All you need is a foam ring (Spotlight $4), around 300 balloons and pins.

I have a very large collection of crocheted doilies thanks to scrapbooking, so they were placed on the buffet and table. Paper doilies were folded in half and placed over string to create bunting. This was hung across the ceiling, intermixed with paper lanterns (Typo $20).  Finally, I had a couple of bright pink frames left over from a Scrapware trade show. I added new matt black cardboard and wrote out the menu in chalk to set the scene. I also bought a pretty floral flat sheet from a charity shop ($2) to use as a table cloth...much cheaper, environmentally friendly and prettier than a disposable one.

The Cake
This year, Eme asked for a pink cake, and here's what I created for her.  This is the second time I've used fondant to decorate a cake, and thankfully I didn't spill any water over it like last time! lol.

The cake had three different flavoured layers. The top layer was french vanilla; the middle layer was strawberry lemonade; and the bottom layer was lemon.  I spread a very thin layer of strawberry jam in between to hold them together.  It was insanely delicious and probably the best flavour combination ever! I'll share my recipe with you...go to your local supermarket and purchase Betty Crocker cake mixes. Bake as per instructions. lol. You didn't seriously think I made all that from scratch, did you? hehe

I had in my mind that the cake would be covered in white polka dots, however I couldn't find a circle cutter small enough. I'll have to head back to the bakery supplier and pick one up for next time.

The roses were made by hand using the scroll flower technique I use for scrapbooking. Let me tell you...fondant and paper do not work the same way. Nothing like trial and error.

The Food
As this was an afternoon tea, I wanted lots of little sweet finger foods. On the menu was fairy bread, lemonade scones dressed with jam and cream, tea cup biscuits, sweet pinwheels, cupcakes, mini sandwiches, lollies, popcorn and chocolate mousse served in mini tea cups.  It was a sea of pink and sprinkles. The girls drank from tea cups... strawberry milk poured from a pretty floral tea pot, and pink lemonade.

To make sweet pinwheels, cut puff pastry sheets into small squares, then cut towards the centre from each corner on the diagonal (not all the way through). Fold alternate corners into the middle and press to join.  Brush the pastry with an egg wash, add a dollop of jam in the centre and sprinkle with sugar. Bake until pastry is puffed and golden.

The Entertainment
As the guests arrived, they were entertained with a place setting colouring in sheet (plate and cutlery). Once they finished colouring, I laminated the finished product so they could each use it as a place mat. The girls got to take their mats home. Some added flowers to their plate, and one little girl added a meal of steak and cute!

The guests were asked to wear their prettiest party frocks, and it was so nice to see all the girls getting into the spirit. Each guest was given a pair of lace gloves, colourful necklaces and a spring hat, and they all looked like such little ladies. Loved it. I poured silk flowers along the centre of the dining table, and the girls got busy adding flowers to their hats with wet glue.  While the hats were drying, we played pass the parcel, and danced, and played statues.

I hung another floral sheet outside and took photos of Eme with each of her guests. I'd love to share more photos, however I forgot to get permission from the parents...except for my neighbour (thanks Anne). Here's Ruby (left) and Abby (right) with Eme.  The guests returned to dancing and playing, and I snuck away to print off the photos.

As each of the guests left, Eme gave them a photo frame with their photo attached by a clip held in place with a brad, like this one, but without all the extra embellishment.  We didn't hand out lolly bags, as the girls got to keep their hat and accessories to remember the party. Surprisingly, the girls didn't seem to miss the lolly bags.

Creating a high tea party for Eme was relatively easy, but did take a little time sourcing all the items.  I scoured charity stores and dollar shops for bargain buys, and tried to be resourceful. I highly recommend starting your planning a few months before. Most of the items I can use again. I now have a nice collection of tea cups (mini and regular), pretty plates and sheets should we have another tea party in the future. Eme being the girlie girl she is, loved it!  Your daughters are only little for such a short period of time...enjoy a tea party with them while you can.

Posted edited to add this super cute photo of Emeline and her friend Lucy...who's mum read this post and gave permission to share. Isn't she adorable in her little party frock, gloves and hat.

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