Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Create a welcoming front entrance this Christmas

Its no secret. I love Christmas and I take a lot of pride in my Christmas tree. Unfortunately, my front porch was looking a little neglected less festive. For a couple of weeks I've been looking at this image on Pinterest

It looks so welcoming and makes me wonder how beautiful the inside of the house must be. The premise of the original post was to create trees by wrapping tomato cages with Christmas foliage and placing it inside a decorative pot. I was more interested in the overall appeal of this front entrance...simple, elegant and easy to achieve.

Here's my take. I gave up on the whole tomato cage idea when I found a faux pencil pine tree at the local Christmas Warehouse for a really reasonable price. I also splurged on a new wreath and doormat.  Obviously I couldn't get the whole effect because there isn't enough space, but I'm really happy with my front porch! The design is simple and tasteful, and just enough to invoke Christmas without overdoing it. I hope people walking by wonder if our house is as beautiful inside as well.

The tree is illuminated with red twinkle lights and poinsettias. At night, the lights glitters away; and during the day, the poinsettias add a little colour and interest.  My hubby repurposed a pot from the garden to stand the tree in. I think I'd like something a little taller, but this is perfect this year (even if you can see the bricks holding the tree up).

Isn't the doormat cute! Not sure I like the idea of wiping my feet on Santa's reindeer, but it certainly is whimsical and welcoming...and the kids love it!

Finally, my new wreath. Loads of green foliage with a sprinkling of red berries. I added a couple of poinsettias to the bottom so that it tied in with the Christmas tree.  The wreath also has lights in it, with a battery pack hidden behind it.

The total look was achieved for around $100.00. Considering we had our last wreath for 10 years, I see this as an investment for our future Christmases. I'm feeling the Christmas spirit every time I walk up to the front door.

Shopping list:

btw - This was my 701st post!! Gee I've had a lot to say over the years. lol. Thanks for sticking with me.

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