Friday, October 28, 2011

Things I know | The Hen's Party edition

Here's what I know...Saturday night has the potential to get a bit messy.  My sister-in-law to be is having her Hen's Night! I'm so excited that Nathan and Racheal's wedding is coming up at the end of November. Its going to fabulous...but before that can happen, the time honoured tradition of the Hen's Night needs to be observed.

I know...that I'm becoming more and more of a prude in my old age. The whole thought of watching a male stripper just makes my stomach turn.  I think I'm scarred for life following the full nudity strip show I saw when I was in Hawaii at the impressionable age of 16. Let's just say there was a mask, a cap and a male appendage flung in my face...but that's a whole other blog post!.

I know...there are a lot of penis shaped items available to purchase for hen's cube trays, straws, cake moulds, whistles, slippers, you name it. I just can't bring myself to purchase any of it. I'm just not ready to have that conversation with my daughter as to what they are. lol.

I don't know...why everything related to hen's nights has to be pink, but I'm rolling with it.  I've picked up a delightful satin sash for the bride-to-be and I'm making her the most stunning tiara and veil combination...all to be paired with a shot glass attached to a pearl necklace. Gorgeous. (sarcasm meter just flew off the charts)

I know...that despite the outfit we'll be making her wear on her hen's night, Racheal is going to make one seriously gorgeous bride and I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.

I know...that my own hen's day was a fairly subdued event...just perfect for me. We took a private bus up to the Hunter Valley and visited a heap of wineries. The whole day, I proudly wore a hot pink veil and tiara that my friend Donna made. It was a fabulous day with the girls...and yes, I did end up very tipsy. Good times.

I know...that the best piece of advice I can give to the bride-to-be comes from the incredibly wise Bloggess...learn to pick your battles, otherwise you too could find a metal chicken named Beyonce on your front porch.

I know...that what happens on hen's night, stays on hen's night.  Enough said. lol.

What did you do for your pre-wedding celebrations?

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