Friday, October 14, 2011

Tag You're It - 10 things

So, the gorgeous Beck from The Rambling Mummy has tagged me to share 10 things you don't know about me. My life's a pretty open book...not sure there's much left to share! lol. Here goes..

One - I absolutely hate having full length photos taken of myself...particularly when I'm sitting down. I will avoid them like the plague. My friend Belinda was playing with my camera at a recent scrapbooking retreat, and captured this one. I don't hate it. Its not the best, but its me. Enjoy it now, because there won't be another one taken any time soon.

Two - My favourite sandwich is chicken schnitzel and coleslaw with loads of black pepper on fresh white bread. I know its not good for me, but its delicious.

Three - Every time I watch Anne of Green Gables, I cry like a baby...particularly when Matthew dies, and when Gilbert gives up the Avonlea school to Anne. I even start crying just before those scenes start because I know they're coming up! I'm such a sookie-lala. I'm welling up just thinking about it.

Four - My desk at work is surrounded by pictures coloured in by my kids, photos of my family and a couple of inspirational quotes. I love it. The colour scheme in the office is white and beige, so it definitely brightens up my space and makes me happy. Every time the kids come to visit, they get so excited to see their work on display. I actually work below ground level, but have the luxury of looking out over a courtyard garden that opens up to the street level above. Its beautiful...filled with native ferns, palms, lilies and other plants.

Five I recently read this post by my friend Naomi and it made me sad. I can relate to it so much. I've often felt very lonely. As I said to Naomi...I've always felt like the Sharon from Kath and Kim...the second best friend. I don't have a female best friend and I never have. I don't know why that is. I'm a very giving person, and it never gets returned. My experiences of friendship have left me very disappointed sometimes. I guess that's why I'm painfully shy now. I just feel like I won't be good enough.  It sucks, but what can you do.

Six - Every Friday, I spend my lunch hour wandering through the Wollongong creative traders and organic produce markets. There's always something fabulous to find. My favourite food stalls are the cake stall for the caramel slice and red velvet cake, the olive man for his baklava and fresh ricotta filled cannoli, and the satay man for his fish cakes and panang curry (not all eaten on the same day). I the vegetable and herb seedlings, the handmade clothes for kids and felted items and much much more. If you're visiting Wollongong, head to the mall on a Friday! Today, being Friday, that's where you'll find me.

Seven - I much prefer winter to summer. There's nothing better than snuggling under a blankie to keep warm. My blankie of choice actually belongs to Eme. Its a patchwork of vintage chenille squares, backed in flannelette. Its so pretty and warm.  Sometimes she tries to steal it from me, but usually we end up sitting under it together. I love the weight of blankets on top of me. I'm dreading sleeping with just a sheet this summer (if it ever warms up!).

Eight - I have never missed an episode of Jerseylicious. I'm obsessed with the Gatsby crew. lol. Andrew chooses to do something else while I indulge in a little Jerseylicious goodness. Its so drama-filled and full of big personalities and massive pieces of costume jewellery and fake boobs...what's not to love! Will Gigi and Frankie get back together? Is Gayle going to sell the Gatsby? Will Tracy and Olivia ever make up? Will Olivia dump that meathead of a boyfriend? Will Fili learn how to button his shirt closed? I hope not. lol.

Nine I love babies. I love the smell. I love the cuddles. Everything. I can get a screaming baby to sleep in a matter of minutes (they like my comfy body). I love watching shows about babies being born and none of the gore and screaming bothers me at all. I supported my sister during labour and although it was a tiring experience, I enjoyed every minute. I felt like I was helpful and a calming influence. I often wonder if I'd make a good midwife.  ps. I won't be having any more babies myself, so get that thought out of your mind please.

Ten - I have a bright yellow purse that is full of old receipts, and no cash. lol. I pay for everything by card, and it drives my mother crazy. At the most, I might have $20 in there maximum at any given time. My hubby is the same, and he always asks me if I have money for bread, milk etc, so it doesn't stay in there long at all. I just know that if I have money in my purse, I'll spend it!

This list was a lot harder to compile than I thought! Its time to pass the baton though...

Tag, you're it!
Kirsty @ Mummy to Five
Jodie @ Muddled Up Mumma
Tina @ Tina Gray {dot} Me
Norlin @ Just Us Kids Online
Naomi @ Seven Cherubs

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