Monday, October 24, 2011

Scrap stuff | Halloween

One thing you notice most about scrapbooking annual events, is how quickly the next one rolls around!  I can't believe next Monday will be Halloween!  The last couple of years, the kids and I have celebrated Halloween at my friend Sandra's house, and I have only just gotten around to documenting the photos that were taken last year. She always goes all out, and the kids love dressing up.  Last year, Seth wore his glow in the dark skeleton outfit, and Eme dressed as a little devil...both kids looked adorable! We eat ghoulish food, play games, and carve it.

Sandra had custom chipboard made by WOW to give to each of the scrapbookers attending her party...the perfect embellishment to accompany fun Halloween photos. This was originally one piece of chipboard, but I've separated some of the words so that I could layer them. Each piece has been coated in coloured markers, then a little glitter added for that hint of sparkle.

Each side of the double page spread could work as a single page layout. Here they are a bit closer up. I took way too many photos for just one page though, and I wanted to show off everyone's outfits.  First up, the left hand side.

We made Sandra a card to celebrate. If you're looking for a super-dooper easy card to make for Halloween, stamp your kids footprints, turn upside down and add a ghostly face like I have in the picture below. Quick and easy, but very effective.

Here's the right hand side of the double.  I made a cake to take along. It was a purpley-grey inside, with bright orange icing and a dripping black web. It looked a little gross, but tasted delicious! To get in the spirit, I also made a tarantula fascinator...urgh. I don't care that its plastic...its still a spider and it creeps me out. lol.

Do you go photo crazy when everyone dresses up?

btw - the super sweet vintage book paper bunting is by A Lil' Somethin'. Their next sale starts tomorrow night!

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