Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Have you heard of Skylanders yet? If not...what rock have you been hiding under??  This game is the hottest new release from Activision, and is the top pick for kids this Christmas.

I recently attended a bloggers event where we were given a preview of the game, a Skylanders figure and brochure. It looked pretty cool and thought Seth might be interested. Interested is an understatement! He started counting down until its release and knew everything about it even before he'd played the game!

So, what is Skylanders?  Its an interactive game where you get to choose the character you wish to play...literally.  There are over 30 Skylanders characters to collect, and each one has its own unique abilities and powers.  Not only that, the toys have brains...they remember their in-game experiences and upgrades as you play along. Needless to say, this game is a total hit in the Warren house!
"For generations, the Skylanders have used their magical powers and weapons to protect Skylands. But now, an evil tyrant has frozen them into toys and banished them to Earth. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power and bring them back to life in their world to save Skylands forever."
The starter pack comes with everything you need to start your adventure:
  • Skylanders Spyro's Adventure software
  • Portal of Power
  • 3 Skylanders Figures
  • 3 Trading Cards
  • 1 Sticker Sheet for all three characters
  • 3 Skylanders Spyro's Universe Codes
  • Collector Poster
How do you play? The Portal of Power is wirelessly connected to your game console. When you place your Skylander figure on top, the character comes alive on the screen. How awesome is that!  You can place more than one figure on the Portal of Power at a time...the characters can work together, or they can battle each other.

Our Wii console is set up in the play room so that the kids can play without jumping all over the place. Our play room has become very popular lately.  The neighbourhood kids have been knocking on our door with their Wii remotes and nunchucks in hand, ready to play. lol. Here's Seth (8) and Curtis (12) playing together.  Both Seth and Curtis think its unreal! Curtis has already convinced his mum that this is the one thing he wants for Christmas.

This game is perfect for the whole family.  Andrew has had a play and is so impressed with the graphics, and the story line...assuring me that it is suitable for Eme (6) as well, and that there's so much content, it will take ages to get through! Sounds like a winner to me.  Seth has already collected seven figurines and has been adding the stickers to his poster so he knows which ones he is yet to collect...very handy when nannas ask what they can buy for Christmas.

So, what if don't have a Wii? No problem. Its also available on Nintendo 3DS, PS3, XBox 360, PC and WinMac.  Not only that...if your child wants to play at a friend's house, you can take your Skylanders over, drop them on their Portal of Power, and your Skylanders will come to life in the game! No need to buy additional characters for each platform. That is brilliant!  Here's the trailer...

This game is already a huge hit in our household and I know it will be in your's too. There's some great deals instore at the moment leading up to Santa a favour and pop one on layby before the shops run out.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from Activision for review purposes. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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