Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mum stuff | Time to clear some clutter...

Its obvious from looking at this picture of my linen press, that its been neglected...for quite some time.  I just know that the Organised Housewife would probably have an anxiety attack if she saw this. lol.  Every time I open the door to literally shove something else in there, I think to myself, I really must get around to organising that cupboard!

I have another linen press in the laundry to house all of our bed linen, and this one is supposed to be just for towels. I can see all manner of crap in here, and its near impossible to to find what you want in a timely manner.

Yesterday, I opened the door, took a photo for your benefit (lol), then pulled everything out and onto the floor.  I didn't realise how many towels we actually owned! I also found some sheets and pillow cases that I've been looking for. Go figure.

It didn't take long for me to fill two large garbage bags full of towels to donate to charity. I purged everything that was baby related...all the tiny towels, the hooded towels, the little beach towels etc.  I got the kids involved too, asking them if they really wanted to keep them all. Thankfully they answered no. Most of our towels are over ten years old now (wedding presents), and some are starting to get very tatty. They were put into a rag bag, and I kept a couple to use when we wash the dog. They'll be kept in the garage with the rest of our dog paraphernalia.

Next step, refolding everything we decided to keep, and putting it all back in. Voila! I can't believe how tidy it is. Love it. One less spot I have to worry about in our house.

The top shelf has my Christmas linen, the kids Easter baskets and the birthday wreath I recently made.

Next up, all our yellow towels and face washers. There's some yellow towels on the line at the moment, so they now have a place to go once they're dry.

Then the navy and green shelf. The navy towels are currently in the ensuite.

Beach towels fill the next shelf. I actually purged ten beach towels. Seriously, how many does one family need?!! The kids now have three each, and Andrew and I have one each. Plenty.

Last, but not least, I bought a basket to put in the bottom shelf to house all of my vases. Yes, I have quite a few, and I did cull them. Now I can access them easily just by pulling out the basket. I might have to donate a few more...we'll see.

There you have it, from chaos to order.

Next stop is the bed linen cupboard.  I have gone through that cupboard too and have donated quite a bit. I'll share the end result soon and how to actually fold a fitted bed sheet to perfection!

How's your linen press going? When was the last time you went through your linen?

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