Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I know | the birthday edition

Here's what I know...tomorrow is Eme's birthday party and I'm completely unprepared!  I had very grand plans of hosting a sophisticated little tea party for Eme and a few (5) friends.  Somehow, she convinced me to invite 11 friends, all of whom have rsvp'd. Shock I know! Not many parents take the time to rsvp these days and I really appreciate everyone getting back to me.

Eme has requested a three tiered strawberry flavoured cake...does that come in a packet mix? lol.

I have bought all the fixings to decorate said cake, including edible glitter dust and glittery candles that spell Emeline, but it will only be one tier high. I've only ever decorated one other cake with fondant before and I don't think I'm ready for that kind of pressure. I've been searching for inspiration online, and there are way too many pink cakes to choose from!
Pink Cake Mosaic 6

I am halfway through making a balloon wreath for the front door, and I've broken two nails already. I had intended on making it completely pink, then thought better of it and made it all colourful. Thank goodness really because I won't ever be making another one. This one can be used for every birthday from here until the end of time.

I haven't sorted out the menu yet, but considering its an afternoon tea, I'm thinking something along the lines of lemonade scones with jam and cream, simple finger sandwiches, jam pinwheels, chocolate crackles, fresh fruit and maybe a red velvet cake from the markets. Eme has requested lollies and coloured popcorn as well. There'll be tea and pink soft drink too. Do you think that's enough to feed 12 girls?

As for entertainment, I have bought spring hats for all of the girls and a bunch of loose flowers, ribbons and glue, so we'll be decorating hats. I also have a pair of lace gloves, necklaces and a ring for each of the girls so they can dress up. I probably should put a pass the parcel together, and I have some colouring in sheets for them.  Maybe we'll do some dancing or something. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated here...bear in mind...its TOMORROW!! Argh!

I'm also not giving out lolly bags. I hope the girls won't be disappointed, but they'll be going home with their hats, gloves etc, and I have a photo frame for each of them which I plan on putting a photo in before they leave.

I know I am going to be very busy for the next 24 hours! Wish me luck.  I'll share some photos from the party next week.

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