Monday, September 12, 2011

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I'm a very lucky girl. I love my family. Not many people can say that.  Although we don't get together as often as we did while growing up, when we do, the day is full of conversation and laughter.  The last time we were together was for my cousin Mandy's 21st birthday in July.  My Aunty had decorated the party with photos of Mandy from birth to now, and one of the photos pictured the last time just the Wild girls were all together...six years ago!  Eme was only a few months old then.  We decided then and there, that it was time for another brunch.  With that in mind, we set up a private facebook group for all of us to chat and share family stuff.

This weekend I hosted the "Wild Girls" brunch, on what would have been my grandmother's (Elizabeth Wild) 88th birthday (purely coincidental, but apt).  Here I am surrounded by my mum, sister, aunties, cousins and second cousins in my living room.

Standing up the, Beth (sister)
Seated...Vicky, Dianne, Lesley, Brooklyn, Belinda, Anne, Alex, Lorna
On the floor...Jessica, Christeen (mum), Kimberley, Georgia, Isla, Samantha, Emeline and Michelle
Missing...Mandy, Crystal and Madeline

This day came together so easily. An fb event was set up (most of my family is online), and all the girls were invited. Everyone nominated what they'd like to bring...then it was just a matter of waiting for the day to roll around.  It was a great excuse for me to tidy up too! lol.  I am the only one living in Wollongong, so the minimum travel time to my place is an hour, and I'm so impressed that everyone made the effort to come...especially my cousin Belinda who is 7 months pregnant and travelled from Dubbo!

My family has always been close. We used to holiday together, have sleepovers at each other's houses and celebrate every Christmas together. Now that we're getting older and have moved away to start our own families, get togethers like this are a treasured rarity.  These are the women I talk to about motherhood and women's issues. We cuddle each other's babies and share advice.  We laugh at just about everything.  We share food...good ol' scones and jelly lamingtons, little sandwiches and jellies, zucchini slice and brownies, greek biscuits and thai rice paper rolls (such is the diversity of our family). They make fun of me for making bad cups of tea (who knew you don't add milk to Lady Grey? lol), and wash up after themselves.

I love these women.

I love that our children (the little cousins) play so well together.

I love that my Aunty Anne has already nominated herself to host the next get together! We're ensuring the next one isn't in 6 years time. lol.

Do you have a strong connection with the women in your family?  Do you make time to catch up with the important women in your life?

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