Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips for taking a successful self portrait

As mums, we are often the one behind the camera. This is even more so the case when you're a scrapbooker. You spend so much of your time capturing your memories, that sometimes you forget to include yourself!  The answer to this dilemma...the self portrait.  Here I will show you how I take a selfie using a digital slr.

  1. If you are using a digital slr, you will need to find a comfortable way to hold your camera. DSLR's can be really heavy, depending on the body and lens you have fitted. I prefer to hold my camera in my left hand because I can wrap my thumb around the body and press the shutter release button with my index finger.
  2. Make sure you zoom your camera all the way out. I use an 18-55mm lens, and have it set to 18mm, that way you are usually guaranteed to fit you and your selfie buddy in the frame.  Leave it zoomed in and you're more than likely to take a great shot of the pores of your face! lol. Not very flattering at all.
  3. Hold your camera above your head and angle your camera downwards.  There are major benefits to this for the extra extra lovely girl...by looking up into your camera, you will reduce the amount of chins in your photo.  If you hold the camera straight in front of you, chances are, you will be scrunching your face, therefore making it look chunkier.
  4. When taking the photo, stare into the lens, and gently press the button part way down until you hear the auto focus beep...then press it all the way down to take the photo.
You can see in the photo above (taken by Lisa Oxley) that by taking a photo of me straight on, my double chin is quite pronounced. This photo was taken at the exact same time as the one below...the selfie is much more flattering.  Even though the self portrait was taken from a high angle, it doesn't look that way in the final product.
You can take great self portraits using your iphone too...just reverse the screen so that you can see yourself. Make sure you focus your eyes into the middle of the screen. If you don't, it will look like you're eyes are pointing towards the bottom of your screen...not very successful.  You can then edit your image using Instagram or similar to really make your photo pop.

Taking self portraits does take practice, but its worth it if you want to appear in your own photos and don't have anyone else around to take them for you.  Why not try taking some selfies with the kids.  They have loads of fun helping press the button and you usually end up capturing lots of laughs too.

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