Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mum stuff | Let them be boys...

Being a scrapbooker, I have a camera with me constantly...whether it be my dslr or my iphone. You just never know when something will happen that you want to capture. I want to remember it all...the good and the bad.  I want to share a layout with you that I created on a recent scrapbooking retreat.  Seth will throttle me when he's older and finds this one in his album...and you can see why.

What started out as a quiet family outing to pick out paint samples at Bunnings, ended in a trip to the medical centre with an hysterically crying boy.  Not everyone would choose to take a photo of their child crying and in pain, but I wanted to document it to remind him of what might happen when he makes silly choices.  I'm not entirely heartless though...that's my hand holding the bandage to his ear and comforting him.
Like most boys, he likes to run around and act foolish.  I'm usually okay with this and don't wrap him up in cotton wool too much...they need to explore and learn by doing. This day though, it didn't quite pan out the way he planned.  Andrew and Seth were exploring the garden centre, while Eme and I were at the paint counter.  Seth in his 7.5 years of wisdom, decided to run past some pots, and somehow he managed to fall down and whack his head on one. The edge of his ear instantly filled up with blood and he was in a serious amount of pain. Andrew brought him to me crying (Seth was crying, not Andrew...just to clarify) and said calmly "I think we need to go".  The Bunnings assistant went and got their first aid officer, who dutifully brought around a few cubes of ice and a bandage (thanks).  We abandoned the paint search and headed off to the medical centre, where we sat and sat and sat, waiting to be assessed.

Seth's ear was incredibly swollen at this stage, and the bruising had extended to behind his ear and onto his head.  I had visions of Seth's ear being permanently damaged, something like a seasoned rugby union player (not a good look).  After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finally examined him. Thankfully it was exactly what we wanted to hear...a bit of pain, swelling and bruising, but nothing to worry about and no concussion.  Seth's ear is now back to normal.  Mind you, he couldn't sleep on it for a week!  Poor little thing must have been in so much pain.

Now when Seth is acting like a goose, I just remind him of that day at Bunnings and he quickly stops.  Lesson learned.

What lessons have your children had to learn the hard way?

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