Monday, August 22, 2011

Meal planning Monday

This weekend, we once again shopped for our fruit, veges and meats at the local fresh food market, and once again walked away with some amazing deals and produce.  You may have read the details here of our last shopping experience, and this week was even better...$40 of meat, split up into 18 meals! Andrew and I have worked out what we'll be eating each night until September! Love that we don't have to think about it each night. One less stress after a hard day at work.  So what will the Warren family be eating this week?

Lamb chops with steamed veges and rice pilaf
(affectionately known as nanna rice)

Chicken breast with sage and roasted sweet potato
(adapting a sandwich from a local cafe...will let you know how I go)

Nigella's Steak slice with lemon and thyme
(we've bought fresh herbs so this one is early in the week)
Homemade Pizza
(I haven't decided if we'll be using traditional bases or lebanese bread yet)

Spaghetti Bolognese
(quick and easy kid friendly version with loads of veges)

Pork Roast with all the yummy trimmings
(see shopping tip below)

Devilled sausages with mashed potato
(attempting a recipe by Frills in the Hills)

Scones for school morning teas
(a great treat for an egg free school)

With all our meals, we include vegetables...either steamed on the side, or grated and combined with the meal. We're pretty lucky that the kids like them now. It makes meal time so much less stressful.

This week's shopping tip
Would you like to have a roast for dinner, but are put off by the price? This week, we purchased a rolled leg of pork.  The size of the pork was way too much for one meal, so we cut it into thirds. One piece will be roasted on Saturday night, and the other pieces were cut into pork chops. There was enough there for a further two family meals. Not only have we been able to stretch our shopping dollar further, we've reduced the risk of overeating.  I know full well that if we cook a big roast, I will go back for seconds...or thirds.

What are you cooking up this week?

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