Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Blog Day!

Did you know today is Blog Day?  What a perfect day to celebrate bloggers and blogging! There are so many different blogs out there, and I am constantly amazed by people's content and creativity.  Reading other blogs certainly inspires me, whether its their stories, the photography, the food they're eating, places they've travelled to, ways they've decorated their homes and much much more. I have laughed, cried and empathised along to posts (sometimes all at once!), and found many a kindred spirit online.

To celebrate Blog Day, I want to share with you, a few blogs that I love (in no particular order)...
Such a great resource if you're planning a party.  The parties she showcases are beautifully presented and make you feel like you're one of the guests! I know its made me look at party planning in a different way, and it makes me want to take my next party to a whole other level!
I started reading this one after attending Nuffnang's Blogopolis.  I've been dabbling in Wordpress lately and this blog has helped me immensely to understand what I'm actually doing and why. There's loads of content for every blogger wanting to improve their site. Check it out!
My favourite colour is every shade imaginable, and my house is nearly 80% blue throughout. This blog features so many inspirational photos of blue interiors and exteriors, it takes my breath away! Fear not though...if you're not a fan of blue, there's links on the sidebar to other colours.
Lego a Day is one of my favs! I love how Dan photographs all his lego characters in different situations. Every single photo is brilliant and so well thought through. He totally rocks the macro lens!
Supermom Moments is one of those blogs that makes you want to come back for more! Seriously cool printables and activities for kids, party ideas (check out their Tangled party!), tips for mums and more.
This one I only came across today! That's what I love about the blogosphere...there's always new blogs to discover. I've fallen in love with Carly's blog already and I can't wait to read more.  Her photos are beautiful and I like the way she writes. There's a bit of something for everyone there. Head on over and have a peek.

What blogs do you love reading? Hook me up with your favourite links.

Give a virtual hug to a blogger today!  Leave a comment, like their fb page, follow their blog...reach out and connect, and make their blog day happy too.

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