Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Design...not quite

I LOVE watching home renovations shows. Love it.  Even when doing a bit of my own home decorating, I have been known to ask myself "what would Colin and Justin do?".  Television design shows are meant to inspire, and make you believe that yes, you can achieve that look yourself.  I guess that's why I love watching The Block so much (go Amie and Katrina!).

Last night's premiere of Top Design held so much promise, but after half an hour of viewing, I had to turn it over.  I couldn't stand the premise.  I didn't warm to the contestants at all.  I hated what the contestants were putting together, and let's face it...who in their lifetime will ever renovate a shipping crate?  Not a fan.  I did go and have a look at the end result pics though just to see how they turned out.  Meh.  Although if someone wants to tell me where they got the white Chinese drum stool, I'd be mighty appreciative...preferrably in teal. ta. lol.

Your's in non-designery home design,

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