Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teen Wolf v. um...Teen Wolf

So, last night I decided to go to bed early and watch some tv. Monday night is always Supernatural night (just can't get enough of those Winchester boys), and last night's episode didn't disappoint. Even when they kill their grandfather, they have a good reason...can't wait until next week. Anyhoo, I digress.  At 9.30pm last night (actually much later because the Amazing Race finished late...why do the networks do this? Haven't they heard of a timetable??), I thought I'd give the new Teen Wolf series a look in.

I remember watching the original Teen Wolf movie at Gerrigong Town Hall back in (ahem) 1985.  I loved that flick! Michael J. Fox totally brought that wolfman to life. How cool was he playing basketball as a full werewolf...and surfing on top of the van...and puncturing a can of beer with his wolfy teeth.  Surely this new series wouldn't be that different...hahahaha.  The posters alone speak volumes...
I had heard reviews saying that the new Teen Wolf was more Twilight than anything else. Having never seen or read the Twilight series, I have nothing to compare it to other than the original, and yes, they are remarkably different, but still highly entertaining.  Gone is the comic book style of the original, with the new series being so much darker and slicker in production.

So here's how it differs...

Scott becomes a werewolf
In the original, Scott finds out he's a werewolf when he's going through puberty, an hereditary condition. In the new series, Scott becomes a werewolf after being bitten by another werewolf.

After becoming a werewolf, Scott's senses are heightened and he becomes an awesome sportsperson/wolf.  In the new series, they've ditched basketball for lacrosse. I don't get lacrosse at all. Why are they holding a stick with a jockstrap/cup attached to the top?  I applaud the makers though for choosing something other than basketball...been there, done that.

He still has a sidekick named Stiles who provides a little comic relief.

Michael J. Fox v. Tyler Posey
MJF was cute, and definitely worth hanging his poster on my teen bedroom wall.  He played the role with perfect comedic timing.  Tyler Posey on the other hand, is seriously hot, with muscles 'til next year. I certainly don't remember boys at my school looking that built!  He's definitely a very intriguing werewolf who keeps losing his clothes (isn't that a shame!).  I was seriously surprised to find out that Tyler Posey played J-Lo's son in Maid in Manhattan. Seems a bit wrong to be perving now. lol.

I love where this new series is going and I'm hooked already!  I'm actually glad that they've changed the story from the original. Nothing annoys me more than poor Hollywood remakes...Kath & Kim anyone?

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