Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review & Giveaway | Zhu Zhu Pets & Accessories

Are you looking for the ultimate pet for your child?  A pet that requires very little attention, never needs a trip to the vet, and doesn't cost anything to feed? Not to mention no "business" to clean up. lol.  Welcome to the world of Zhu Zhu pets!

Did you know there's a whole Zhu-niverse out there?  I had no idea there were so many Zhu Zhu pets and accessories available.  Seth has been a fan of Kung Zhu for quite some time...they're the boy'd up version that fight battles and train like little hamster ninjas. Cute stuff. Eme has just started loving Zhu Zhu's...mainly because there's now babies available. Its ALL about the babies.

We were recently sent Cacee the Zhu Zhu and a hamster stroller to play with and Eme is in love!  I always know when my kids really love a toy, because they try to take it to bed with them.  Little Cacee and her pram have been going everywhere with us...to Granny's, for drives in the car, to the shops...you name it.  Eme doesn't have any Zhu Zhu babies yet, but she's put her order in for a couple for her birthday. In the meantime, she's improvising with some other little toys that fit in the pram.  You can flip the cover on the pram too so you can choose whether the babies are facing their mumma, or looking out.   Eme prefers her babies facing mumma Cacee so she can keep on eye on them while she pushes them along. lol.
Zhu Zhu pet accessories are great! All you need to do is place the guinea pig in the guide, and the toy does the rest, propelling itself along the floor.  It moves forwards and backwards, and without the pram, the Zhu Zhu spins around too. It doesn't work very well on thick pile carpet, but on timber floors, it works a treat!  Zhu Zhu's come with batteries too, and they last ages!!

This is such a fun toy, but gee that guinea pig can talk! Thankfully Seth showed us where the off button is so we can get some peace occasionally. lol.  Here Eme's giving little Cacee a kiss...because everytime you press its nose, it makes a noise. She loves that little rodent!

Do you think your child would have as much fun with a Zhu Zhu pet as Eme?  Here's the fun bit for you!  One lucky blog reader will win "Harlow" the Zhu Zhu pet as well as a Zhu Zhu ice cream truck (which includes an adorable cap for your Zhu Zhu to wear)!!

To enter, leave a comment revealing what your favourite toy was as a child.

Entries close midnight, 19 August 2011 and the winner will be chosen at random.

For extra entries, become a follower of this blog and my fb page. Share the news of this giveaway on twitter, facebook and/or your own blog! Make sure you leave a separate comment if you do so. If tweeting, please use @heyLisaWarren so that I can keep track.

btw - My fav. was Barbie. I would build little apartments for her out of Mum's nesting tables, and use my rollerskates as her car. I would sit there brushing her hair for hours until it was perfect. Those were the days...sigh.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Zhu Zhu pet and accessory for review purposes. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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