Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review | Donna Hay Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Is Donna Hay the Nigella Lawson of Down Under? I think so!  Her recipes are always so temptingly gorgeous and as equally delicious...so when her team asked if I'd like to test drive the new Donna Hay molten chocolate chunk brownies, I couldn't respond quickly enough! Y-E-S, she types while starting to salivate!!!!

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you will know that I am far from being a domestic goddess and need all the help I can get.  I have NEVER tried to make brownies by myself. I can read a recipe, don't get me wrong, but brownies just seemed like they smacked of serious effort.  Thankfully, Donna Hay has taken the hard work out of it for the cooking impaired.

The promise: "Donna has worked extra hard to ensure that the new range combines the highest quality ingredients with the convenience of pre-measured quantities and easy step-by-step guide to achieve fuss free baked results."

We'll see about that!

Step 1. Place the packet mix in a bowl and crack a couple of eggs in. Yes, I managed that without getting any eggshell in the bowl. Genius.

Step 2. Melt 150grams of unsalted butter and pour over the top. Mix ingredients together with a wooden spoon. I was tempted to use my trusty silicone one, but didn't want to upset Donna.  By this stage, I was about to put my head in the bowl. It looked delicious already!

Step 3. Add the chocolate chunks to the bowl and stir through. Honestly, when the box said "chocolate chunk", I though there'd be some choc chips or something equally pitiful. No. There were REAL chocolate chunks in that box! Awesome!!

Step 4. Pop it in the oven for 40mins to cook...sorry, bake (see, got to get the terminology right). When your house starts to smell insanely good, you'll know these babies are ready!

You're meant to let these brownies cool for a bit before you eat them, but being the greedy piglets we are, we dove straight in....and they were GOOD! The chocolate chunks were all gooey and the top was beautifully crispy, and oh so sweet.  Let me tell you, a little bit goes a long way!  We gave the kids a small piece right before bed, and I'm sure they had beautifully sugary dreams that night.  The next night, the brownies were just as good, and a dollop of icecream was the perfect accompaniment.
Donna Hay molten chocolate chunk brownies retail for $7.99 and are available from selected supermarkets, David Jones and the Donna Hay general store in Woollahra, Sydney. Can't get to the store? Purchase them online direct from Donna Hay!

Were these brownies worth $7.99 a box? At double the price of a regular packet mix, they may seem a little expensive, but the quality, taste, and ease of preparation are totally worth it. I'll be making them again for sure.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Molten Chocolate Brownie Mix for review purposes. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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