Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review | Cottee's Apple Raspberry concentrate cordial

"My Dad picks the fruit, that goes to Cottee's, that makes the cordial, that I like best."  Everybody sing...

Well, that's not actually true. My Dad never did work at Cottee's, but gee I wish he did, because those kids always looked so happy! lol.

Cottee's cordials have been a part of my whole life. There's not many brands that can say that!  They've never once let me down.  Growing up, it was always a treat to have a glass of sweet cordial (we were big water drinkers), and when mum and dad splurged on a Soda Stream years ago, it was Cottee's we used to make our softdrinks, not that syrupy stuff.

We've all seen the new Cottee's ads where the dad says he'll change his name to "Elizabeth" if the new concentrate cordial does what the demonstrator promises.  Well, blow me down and call me Elizabeth...its true!  The good people at Cottee's sent me a bottle of their new Apple Raspberry concentrate cordial to test drive and I was really surprised at the taste difference.  In an effort to conduct a fair "experiment", I filled up one glass with the regular amount of cordial I would add to a glass, and then another glass with the recommended amount. I filled them up with water and gave them a taste.  The regular amount was disgusting!! Way too sweet.  The recommended amount was just right! Listen to me...I sound like the Goldilocks of cordial. The picture below shows you the difference.
So aside from using half as much to get the same amount of flavour, it makes me pretty darn happy that the kids will be having more water in the glass.  I like the new size of bottle too. I cannot tell you how many times the kids have struggled to get the big 2L bottle out of the pantry, or how many times I've had to wipe up spills because the kids couldn't pour it properly.  The 2L bottle never used to fit on the shelf properly either, so the smaller size is much more convenient.  Bravo Cottees! Highly recommended.  Look for Cottee's new concentrate cordials in your favourite flavours at your local supermarket...I know I will.

Disclosure: I received complimentary bottle of Cottee's cordial for review purposes and a $5 Coles voucher for my review. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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