Friday, July 15, 2011

Lessons from Libra...

I love a good factoid, and I have an amazing memory for useless good in fact that we recently won a local trivia night (woohoo!).  Unfortunately a lot of very useful information has had to be forgotten to make room for such stuff as what are the names of the Kardashians, and why Posh and Becks chose to call their baby Harper Seven. lol.

Now girls, at that time of the month (yes, that time), when you're sorting yourself out (gosh I'm good at not using the actual words), you would think that the last thing you would be doing is learning new facts. Not true! For years, Libra have been adding factoids to their packaging and its a very interesting read. Here's what I learned today...

There is more than 25,000km of neon tubing in the signs on the Strip and downtown Las Vegas.
Hmmm...someone should be talking to Vegas about the carbon tax!

Lizards communicate by doing push-ups.
Two thoughts come to, I'm glad I'm not a lizard; and two, imagine if I were a abs would be rock hard!

A newbown hedgehog starts to get their spines within 24 hours of birth.
Can somebody say C.U.T.E!!  Hedgehog babies are not much to look at when they're first born (a bit like mice), but give them a few weeks and they are absolutely adorable! Tell me, can I get one in Australia? No...didn't think so. Bugger. Oh, and wasn't mother nature smart...imagine giving birth to a spiky baby!
The mechanical shark in the movie "Jaws" was nicknamed Bruce.
Wonder if that's why the shark is called Bruce in "Finding Nemo"

One of the best ways to clean pewter is to rub with cabbage leaves.
Well, I often have cabbage leaves in the fridge, but no pewter.  Oh well, off to the compost.

Fish can get seasick.
Poor buggers...imagine never being able to get off that ride! You'd just be praying for the day that you got caught on someone's hook so that you could feel some relief.

Babies have taste buds all over the insides of their mouths, not just on their tongues. that why babies are so bloody messy when they eat...they're trying to taste their food all over!

There you have it.  Have you learned something? hahaha. What's the most useless piece of information you've ever had cramed into your brain?

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