Friday, May 6, 2011

Scrapbook Creations | Issue #85

Scrapbook Creations Issue #86 is about to hit the shelves, so I thought its time I shared these layouts that were published in Issue #85. These layouts, plus this one which was featured on the cover (thank you!), were part of an article I wrote called "Scrapping in the moment - how to stay inspired". I hope I inspired somebody out there... anyone... Bueller... Bueller... (is this thing on?)

In the article, I tried to show how to scrap using the memories that your photos conjure up, and to get out of the scrapping chronologically rut. I started my journey with this these pics of Seth. They weren't taken at a special occasion, but they remind me how fun my son is and how quickly he's growing up!! He indulges his mum with the obligatory "nice smile" long as I let him ham it up a bit first. lol.
Scrapware product used: Clock Cogs CH388

This one was next.  The photos above reminded me that even though he can be a ratbag sometimes, he's still an incredibly caring little boy.  Here Seth is, meeting his cousin Cameron for the first time.  Seth couldn't wait to give Cameron a cuddle and you can see in his face how thrilled he was.  btw, Cameron was 9 months old yesterday! I can't believe how quickly he's growing...he'll be one before we know it.

The pictures above reminded me how different a story it was when he met his sister! Despite telling me for months that he was having a sister (we hadn't found out...and he was right), he didn't want a bar of her in the hospital. We pulled the crib over to him and he peered over the top...what is that! He wasn't impressed at all...until "she" gave him a Buzz Lightyear to say thank you for being her new brother.
Scrapware product used: Kylie Blooms LB28

Now that Scrapbook Creations has gone bi-monthly, I'm having withdrawals. Mind you, I have read #85 from cover to cover several times over and definitely gotten my creative monies worth.  I can't wait to read Issue #86 and get all inspired!

Tonight I'm hosting the monthly Storyboard Kits midnight class and crop, and I can't wait to get scrapping with the girls. On the menu tonight is a new Scrapware shadow box with a Mother's Day theme, and some layouts using this month's kit, Kelsey.  Will you be doing something crafty this weekend?

Cheers, Lis.

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Leanne said...

Definitely inspired Lisa! I loved your article and your cover is gorgeous! YAY!!

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